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Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams – Brain Drain

Here’s the brand new single from Afghanistan’s Kabul Dreams called Brain Drain and it’s a damn good. Enjoy Kids.


ISIS Drug Jihad as they take control of the drug industry.

Intelligence officials are warning that Islamic “extremism” or as we call it fundamentalism is taking hold of Europe and is funded by exploiting the drug trade. 384 more words

MEPs attack terrorist financing

MEPs have declined the EU Commission blacklist of countries deemed to be at risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, pointing that it is not coherent with the scale of the problme, and should be expanded to include territories that facilitate tax crimes. 199 more words


Is Dialogue The Only Solution For Improving Pak-Afghan Relations?

Ashraf Ghani’s statement regarding Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan was more like a shattering point for Pak-Afghan relations. He said that during the ‘Heart Of Asia’ conference being held at Amritsar. 264 more words

Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland and Oman have all advanced to the semi-finals after finishing in the top two of its respective groups as group matches of the Desert T20 Cup concluded overnight. 591 more words


The Reason To Fear Russia

Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and left after 9 years, realizing it was a no-win situation.   The US invaded the ‘graveyard of empires’ in 2001. Sixteen years later there are no signs of leaving. 175 more words

I Survived for a Reason

By an anonymous writer from Afghanistan

My parents wanted a son,
My birth disappointed them.
A few weeks after I was born,
My grandfather was killed. 454 more words

Gender Equality