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10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do...

… and probably secretly mocked other people for doing until I had a baby:

  1. Pick someone else’s nose- bogie diving can be so rewarding!
  2. Change baby’s nappy and then smell it- even though I know it stinks because we had to evacuate the room she was sitting in at the time…
  3. 181 more words

別了, baby2

So long, farewell, my dear lovie.

Yesterday I went for my first prenatal checkup and also ultrasound for OSCARS. It is supposed to be 12 weeks old. 271 more words

Baby 2

Dollar Diet: Week 31 - A frugal first birthday

My baby is one.

The first birthday feels like such a massive milestone.  D and I patted each other on the back, congratulating ourselves for surviving the sleep deprivation and… 474 more words


The Agony of a Countdown

Welcome reader!  This is my first foray into the blog world.  Hopefully I’ll keep your interest long enough for you to read to the end and perhaps (if I make it) – you may continue to read my future blogs. 767 more words


Gwenn's life in the fast lane

I’m starting today with an excerpt from one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read; I identified with every single word.

If you’ve never visited… 753 more words


Developing a Nighttime Routine

“You have a 3 month old? You must not be getting any sleep, you poor thing.”
I cannot count the times I’ve heard this. From family, friends, and coworkers to strangers that I encounter in the grocery store. 871 more words


Cleft Lip- Overwhelmed 

Adalynn’s pediatrician has us seeing a team of doctors that will be working with us before, during, and after the surgery. It seems they will be a part of our lives for a few years, making sure speech is on track and various other things. 112 more words