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E is 18 months old! How crazy is that. She’s walking and babbling away, so of course her playing skills have changed as well. She now absolutely loves playing with little figures. 851 more words


I Hate You Broken Ovaries

Well it’s CD20 of a 30 day cycle and all the OPKs have been negative.  I think it’s safe to say my little experiment failed. 235 more words


baby #2 - 23 weeks

The feasting continues. Fortunately for me and NB (new baby), so has the walking. I’ve hit my step goal every day and even became last week’s Workweek Hustle champion. 620 more words


Finn's 1st Birthday

We had a small celebration for Finn at home while my mom visited, but I still wanted to have a theme and a little bit of decoration. 157 more words


William James Lyndon: My Birth Story

Birth is an amazing, transformational experience, but also one that takes a while to process. You go from a slowly growing and developing pregnancy that lasts a good 10 months, to this intense transitional window and experience – and then you come out the other side holding a baby. 952 more words


To pill, or not to pill.... That is the question. 

It’s official — I’m off the pill. As of Monday, we are officially on track to start trying for baby #2. It seems like yesterday we found out we were pregnant with Ryker. 256 more words

Baby #2

Postnatal Depression and Me

Postnatal depression … that one thing no new mum wants to get. You hear about it a lot when your health visitor comes to see, you sit there and think yeah like I’m going to get that. 1.005 more words