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Children a Hindrance?

Eden and I went to Walmart today. She has her moments, but she’s normally very well behaved when we shop. Today was no different.

She is tall enough now to reach the top of the side of the buggy, and now likes to walk beside me with her hand on the buggy while we go around the store. 283 more words

Life Snippets

Fuck it’s cold!

Monday I woke up exhausted. I felt like I had not slept whatsoever. I had a really odd dream which I can’t even recall now. Work was ok. 604 more words


And then there were two! 

Nothing makes you feel older than saying out loud that you have ‘two’ kids! I mean the first little bub could have been an accident, but once you have two there’s no denying you’re a typical, fully fledged family:) It makes you feel so much more grown up and responsible. 116 more words

Book advent is going well

Tuesday the traffic on the way to work was bad. We got caught in it. My lift to work thought it was appropriate to use a mobile in the car to make a call – it’s not, it’s illegal and quite unsafe. 569 more words


Annabelle Lyn: 2.75 Years

I’m long overdue for an update on the girls here on the ole blog, so here’s an update on Annabelle at 32 months (almost 2.75 years old). 1.287 more words


1+1= hard work, tiredness and huge bags under your eyes

1+ 1= hard work!

When your a mum, you know your child. You know when they are hungry, when they are tired and really you feel like you know best. 404 more words

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