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Worrisome Dog Behaviour

rrDog MPB and Baby MPB are not the best of friends.  Or rather, Baby MPB thinks Dog MPB is his very best friend in the world.  775 more words


The Pajama Saw

Unless you are currently a two-year old boy reading this post (congrats on your reading ability), it may be hard to fathom the difficulties bedtime presents. 438 more words


Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers

If there’s one thing I never leave home without, it’s hand sanitizer. I think all moms can relate with me when it comes to this: keeping your toddler clean is not an easy task. 531 more words


Channeling Ina May: Rex's Birth Story

All week – longer – I was having “symptoms” of impending labor, but nothing would come of it. I knew from my doula that second babies were like that, so I just decided to be patient. 3.000 more words


Less than a 1 week 

We haven’t done a lot this week. Scarlett had a full day of nursery on Monday, like usual. She was shattered and was in bed by 7pm. 312 more words


Breakfast Sushi

Hey mommas, if you have a picky child like I do you know the feeling of how hard it can sometimes be to get them to just eat something. 137 more words


An Adoptive Mother's Thoughts on Biology

Yesterday I was reading a post by a remarkable mother who is currently pregnant via donor eggs.  She is not remarkable because she is pregnant via donor eggs, or because she is pregnant at all (although for her, being pregnant is a pretty amazing feat after all she’s been through).  1.257 more words