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Comforting Cuddles

Newbie tripped and fell and scraped her elbow. Afterward she wasn’t overly interested in playing outside. 25 more words


What a week!

Just got home from wandering around NYC and along The High Line and I’m listening to Oliva’s babbling from her room where she should be napping (story of my life) and reflecting on the week that was. 188 more words


The joy of being a mom

There are so many pleasures in life, but among of them all, If asked a million times, I would every single time choose, the pleasure of being a mom. 460 more words


Cycle Day 19 . Clomid stories and waiting for AF.

Cycle Day 19

  • Cramping in lower tummy
  • Sleeping lots and falling asleep early
  • Grumpy with boyfriend! 🙈
  • Pain after intercourse
  • Shooting pains in boobs
  • Negative pregnancy test 😢
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During the first week of my baby boy’s life, in addition to being completely enamored by everything about him, I was filled with a strange ache. 328 more words

Things You Can Do When You Don't Want To Do What Needs To Be Doooooed

Let’s face it.  There are things that need to be done.  Sometimes, though, the careless and less efficient way just feels right.  Here is what I do when I don’t want to do.  168 more words


The "guilty mother"- Syndrome

Als ich neulich meine Arbeitskollegen mit dem Zwerg besuchte, wurde mir eine lustige Frage gestellt. Eine Kollegin fragte mich: “Und? Hast du auch schonmal so richtig was falsch gemacht?”. 611 more words