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It's Not As Easy As Giving Up Milk...

I’m on lots of “mommy” groups on Facebook, and most of them are also to do with breastfeeding. There’s always someone talking about being asked “when are you switching to formula?” which invariably inspires people to say how cow’s milk (and that’s what most formula is made of) is for baby cows, not for people. 554 more words


Having a Child is Emotional!!

If nothing else, the last few days/weeks, have taught me that having a child is an emotional experience.  (As if somehow I wasn’t already aware of this?) 301 more words


Having s sick baby isn't fun...

I was hoping to write a new blog post soon but more along the lines of fashion or makeup. Instead, here I write, up since, well pretty well most of the night, but sitting in this exact recliner since 4:00 a.m. 189 more words


10 things they don't tell you about post-partum...

When you are pregnant there are lots of things people warn you about having a baby (or feel the need to incessantly remind you of). Like the fact that you won’t get a lot of sleep, that taking a shower is a luxury, that there’ll be loads of pooey nappies, et cetera. 977 more words


Make that a frugal month...

Shortly after posting the other day about how frugal my week needed to be, I broke the vacuum cleaner beyond repair. Up until that point we had been getting along quite nicely with it, it had a few issues but nothing we couldn’t deal with, still, we had been thinking about buying a new one at some point and my clumsiness forced my hand. 273 more words

Money Saving

BABY | First Time Registry - With Experience

I wrote First Time Baby Registry – Made Simple almost two years ago, and since then it’s received quite a bit of traffic. With many of my friends currently having babies, I’ve been asked for my “must-haves.” Since my original post was written prior to having my daughter, I thought it was a good time to clean it up to share what we actually use (instead of what I thought we’d use). 2.593 more words


Signatures & Mixed Emotions

In mere moments our lives went from exciting to pure fear.

We’ve had no idea if our adoption match was about to fall apart… 357 more words