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Baby #2: 40 Weeks and Mom is ready

Ughhh…. did not think I’d make it to 40 weeks! I was nervous a lot of this week thinking about impending labor, but now I’m just ready to not be pregnant. 297 more words


Thank Goodness It's Friday

Wednesday there was another mass shooting at a school. This time a high school in Florida. As off report, there are 17 confirmed dead, both staff and students. 515 more words


"Just Like Mommy" Purse for Little Girls

If you have a little girl, you know how much she likes to copy you. Here’s a fun way to make her feel just like Mommy– with a purse of her own, filled with the same things as yours! 540 more words


Bump Update: Week 27

This week holds many emotions for me, it’s the week in my last pregnancy when I gave birth to my daughter Madison.  It’s a pivotal moment in my life when I learned just how strong I was, and my heart learned what true love really was. 319 more words


It takes a village

For many days and nights, the thought haunted me: I could not handle taking care of my three children on my own.

Holding one tender newborn in your arms can feel daunting, let alone two. 876 more words


Claire Winters - 1 month

Dear Claire,

You’re already a month old and I can hardly believe it. I cannot get over how seamlessly you fit into our family. As a mother, I worried so much that I wouldn’t be able to love you and bond with you the way that I did with your sister; it’s so hard to imagine a love that strong. 1.222 more words