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Cloth Diapering Part 2: What is it?

On any one of my shifts, I knew that I some point I would encounter it. I could spot the look from across the store. I knew it well, you see. 2.134 more words


TheDIYchick etsy store

Finally I have put my thoughts into actions and started listing items on my etsy store for sale. Since sewing is really a hobbie, not my full time job. 136 more words


Baby steps.

Nico started trying to walk on her own when she was 9 months. Last month she was walking around ever-so-cautiously. Now she just pounces on things if she can’t get to it quickly enough. 28 more words


15 things that happen once you are a momma!

I had decided to post regularly on this blog of mine and not mistreat it like my other blogs. What was I thinking? I barely have time to scratch my cute little misplaced butt! 670 more words


Grandparent Gift Ideas

This one for me is super tough on one side we usually have parents who are pretty specific about what they do or don’t want for Christmas and on the other I still love to give something sentimental. 312 more words


Letter to My Son Aged 2

I’m not the kind of mother who knows every single vital statistic about you. We sorta know your height when we put you against the wall, where you stood impatiently by the wall while we tried to measure you. 1.563 more words

At Home

Reflections From the Last 4 Months

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

As I sit here drinking my coffee, searching in vain for jobs during my third day of unemployment and watching my baby sleep peacefully, it’s hard not to think about how things have changed so drastically in the past year and yes, even in the last month. 606 more words