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An open letter to my washing machine

Dear Electrolux,

Why? Why did you make a washing machine that, when a cycle has completed, instead of beeping once (or, god forbid, not at all), beeps three times? 406 more words


Swings and teeth

The only thing that got her out of a teething-related total grumptacular miseryfest the other day: put in swing, kneel in front of swing, pretend to bite her toes as they come towards mouth. 189 more words


Baby K <3

Daughters are like flowers … <3

they fill the world with beauty.

Sweet Baby K <3 precious little lovey <3


Ducks and Rabbits

A couple of weeks ago we were at the farmyard again. While waiting for friends, Boeta got the chance to run around a little and being there just after they opened, many of the ducks and chickens were still walking around on the grass. 366 more words


Baby N <3

Boy was I happy to meet this little chunker!

We had a very short visit but made the best of our time. Not to mention he was a complete dream baby; slept like a champ! 10 more words


To Name a Child

The ultrasound tech moved the wand back one more time, just to check. Minutes before, the baby’s legs were crossed. Now we had a good view right between the legs. 961 more words

My Story

Nursery, check.

The nursery is my favourite room in the house, and it always has been. Previously, I would peek inside and imagine what would soon be and the new memories that would be created in the space. 181 more words