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Quote of the day!

“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.”
― Gabrielle Zevin


Two year old boy born with 3 dicks

Quite a shocking one,  the little boy displayed on the picture above was born with three penises , according to reports, the two year old pictured with mum above suffers from diphallia, a rare condition where a male is born with two penises. 237 more words


Happy Birthday Logan.....

Today Logan is nine…

I am fine…I am as any other mother would be, happy and thoughtful…and living in the past..each hour as the day proceeds, I remember……the day he was born… 232 more words


15 enkle floorballøvelser

ja bestem selv hvem målgruppen til øvelserne er


Christian Confusion: Born Again

Born Again

Being “born again” is a phrase that is thrown around a lot among Christians, especially non-Catholic Christians.  Non-Catholic Christians think of being “born again” as this amazing spiritual experience that allows you to see the kingdom of God, and guess what… it totally is!   8.586 more words