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“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

–  William Barclay

Quote Of The Day

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing, seeing, hearing, speaking and even in feeling as son because as son, son beloved, one will be reborn and because of that rebirth of one, the heavens also will be reborn and not only will one become for much more but also existence truly will become for much more for existence being reborn by one…



Who was born in a manger, covered with swaddling clothes but now sits on a throne clothed with everlasting glory and power.

He was the last child, tasked to take care of sheep at a young age. 246 more words


Are Children Born With Sin?

by Moisés Pinedo

Have you ever seen the face of a newborn child, touched the soft skin of his rose-colored cheeks, and sensed his innocence when looking into his beautiful eyes? 1.018 more words

I Shall Mention Rahab and Babylon Among Those Who Know Me

I Shall Mention  Rahab  and Babylon  Among Those  Who Know Me

The LORD  knows every  itsy-bitsy thought  and tendency  of absolutely everyone.     No one can hide anything  from Him.     487 more words


When one is born alive into the womb that is the world

When one is born alive into the womb that is world, one truly is born as contender because one brings to the world knowledge as contender for being victorious and being born alive and the very world, ironically, justifies or reconfirms that one is a contender. 71 more words