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Here's to another Year

So today I am 23 years old! 23 years I have been on this planet earth and 23 years God has spared me. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, friends, and an amazing boyfriend that I love so much, more than anything. 233 more words


Shower Thoughts - Reddit.

I wish I could meet everyone born at the exact same time as I was and compare each of our lives up to this point.


UNBELIEVABLE: A Half-Human, Half-Goat was Born in Southern Malaysia?

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Genetic disorder is still the most mysterious issue in science. The reason and the cure are yet to be unfolded. One of the most controversial results of genetic disorder is a goat who was just delivered in the village of Felda in…


Christmas Eve 2015: Receiving a gift

Isaiah 9:2-7     Psalm 96     Titus 2:11-14     Luke 2:1-20

Receiving a gift

It’s here! With the lighting of four counting candles and a single white one, it is here. 983 more words


Hurtig update

Heyo! En hurtig update – min bil kører fantastisk, og jeg fandt en fantastisk video som jeg har delt med alle på de sociale medier. … 72 more words



Originally posted on Ninefold Evolution: “Death is the road to awe.” — The Fountain Death is the seemingly final step within the lifecycle of Man. We are born. 32 more words