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VEO-023 Goddess Birth Active International CA Cabin Attendant Wife Shock AV Debut

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Life.... Via The Scribblers!

My poem which made its way on The Scribblers!


A “life” breathes alive when air gushes in,
When it emerges from the womb… 78 more words

Poetic Side Of Me!


Our mind–
Without end,
Without beginning,
Though it is born,
though it dies–
The essence of emptiness

We are born and we will die and this is not for the first things happening to us,we were here before and died before too,we are energy and energy never dies,what died was the body we carry for the journey.If we cling too much to the reflection,to what we see is just reflection,as it is our thoughts which creates world-we will suffer.This clinginess is suffering,this nature is what we call hell.There is no hell or heaven somewhere in other world all we see is all we are ,here and now.The body ,the mind,the life is just reflection.The moment we can be in state of silence we can very easily able to see all these reflections are passing by and slowly we can become aware of the mirror in which these reflections are passing.

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BORN (2007)

Unintentionally hilarious horror stars Alison Brie (Sleeping WIth Other People) as a virginal young woman who is impregnated by a demon at her mother’s funeral…don’t ask. 443 more words

Bare Bones

Dearest Levi


You’re a miracle baby. I dont know when youll hear about this but, I wasn’t supposed to be able to have you. Every doctor told me, since the age of 15 that it would be impossible. 479 more words

These Are Your 2016 Pokémon World Champions

(Source: kotaku.com)

Each year the very best Pokémon video and trading card game players meet at the World Championships to determine who the top trainers are, and each year the Masters (oldest) Division looks really awkward on stage. 367 more words