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Fog In My Head

Fog around me,
In my head,
Can’t see you,
Can’t see myself.

In my head,
In this world,
Yet surrounded by people,Confused, hurting. 56 more words

Researcher Spotlight: Prof Jonathan Roiser

Jonathan Roiser is Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Health at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, where he is working on understanding how activity of the brain is linked to depression. 1.062 more words


You're depressed? Be A MAN!

So you’re a man and you’re depressed…
Have you ever thought of why… of course you have.
You’re probably just like me… craving some meaning, purpose, vision….. 523 more words



Another Monday is here again?  Wow, time flies.  I can’t believe the year’s almost over.  I’m getting older.

I had a good Thanksgiving weekend overall.  I ate more than I wanted to.   314 more words

About Getting My First Tattoo

As you probably noticed the title says: “about getting my first tattoo” and not just “tattoo”. Before I decided to get one myself, I heard from other people that once you’ll get one, you will want more of them. 1.126 more words


Watch this! Sabrina Benaim explaining about her depression

This is amazing.  She is so courageous. And it was so well sad and yo just need to watch it.  So brave of her to do this, and put herself out there to fight stigma.

Mental Illness

Monday 30th November 2015

I called and cancelled the ECT appointment today. I had a good weekend, relatively speaking, and I think that I’m really starting to get better. The suicidal thoughts are gone at any rate, and it’s possible for me to feel some emotions other than hopelessness, both of which make ECT seem like it would be overkill right now. 229 more words