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What it means to be tough.

I actually don’t always have pretty or uplifting words, but I also don’t have that kind of life. I have gotten pretty good at finding honest words, borrowing from what I’ve read and I know, and figuring out how that fits with what I feel. 738 more words



Ever wonder where hell is? Back when I was younger than thirteen,  the Baptist preacher (who looked kinda like the devil) always pointed toward the floor. 1.140 more words


New Meds

Well, it’s been a long few months. Very trying at times some more than others. Finally! Got in for my meds appointment.

Starting on Wellbutrin and Buester as of today. 67 more words


7 dpo

I knew we didn’t have a shot last month, as I wasn’t really in the mood and so we didn’t try during my “fertile” period. Acupuncture seems to really be helping the length and intensity of my periods, though, as this one only lasted four days and I was able to go for an 8-mile run during it (which was completely out of the question before). 548 more words

The Feather

This poem comes from my inner struggle, there are quite a few subliminal messages in this poem and I hope that you can catch them all. 622 more words


Survival Tool: The Survivor Playlist

I love music. I have always really loved music, so throughout my life there are multiple songs that I’ve become addicted to for weeks or months at a time. 307 more words



I keep feeling like I’m failing.  It’s a challenge just to get to and from work.  I just want to go home… Only not my home because my cats are angry and keep peeing on our bedroom floor. 119 more words