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A little over a week in the hospital, one of my friends came to visit. And we were talking and catching up and they said something which I guess was amusing. 130 more words


for lines lost in the stead of sleep

captured by dreams and returned to the swamps

i still look for you in the dark mire… 125 more words


Time for wholesale change.

I’ve taken sometime to try and regroup and get some perspective on my life and my future.

I feel better than ever and yet i’m still struggling somehow… I’ve had some really good days and they seem to be more frequent than the not so good, yet I struggle. 328 more words


On dealing with loss

I have to be honest with myself here. As a young child, and now as a young adult, I had always thought I didn’t have the capacity or the empathy to grieve.  961 more words


All hearts involved were broken.

I fall in love too easily.

Wanting love and giving love.  I’ve given more of myself than I have ever gotten back.  I find potential in each relationship.   947 more words


Why Supernatural

As of late I have found myself explaining, defending, not sure what word I want to use here, a growing interest in the show Supernatural and its fandom. 774 more words

The Girl I Mean To Be

Healers' Souls 

I once read the sad are healers

Taking upon them the weight of the world

The first to offer a shoulder to cry on

The last to give up on those they love… 126 more words

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