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October 17th, 2017 (#8)

It has been one of those normal days. You know, you wake up feeling normal and you have a shower, eat food, get ready, go out and do what you have to do, no forced actions whatsoever. 512 more words


You’re dynamic and glowing! You can’t be out-of-energy! Welcome back our friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, Australia, Poland, the UK, China, France, Vietnam, India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Belgium ;) 171 more words


Gone Fishin'

Normally, at this time of year, the “Gone Fishin'” sign is hanging up at my house.  It is when the salmon leave the Great Lakes and head up the rivers to spawn.  981 more words

Understanding & treating depression

Get insights on what causes depression, how to deal with depression and possible treatments of depression


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smartphones, press and hold on “here” link) 9 more words


Another bureaucratic mandate, another drive, another ramble

The bureaucrats have their orders, their boxes to check, so those of us on the ever more parsimonious American version of the dole get to jump through hoops. 797 more words

Random Wtf?

Bereshit: God's Depression

Orthodox and Conservative/Masorti Jews read through the whole of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) each year, one section a week.  Each weekly section is called a… 378 more words