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I have depression and sometimes its cousin, anxiety comes to visit. I find that people describe me as a pessimist but that’s not the nature of my character. 146 more words



Have you ever worried that by saying things are going well you’ll end up opening the door for something bad to happen. It’s almost like bad juju finds you the minute you find some sort of contentment. 345 more words


!!!Guest Blogger!!! B.W. Ginsburg: We Can Get Through This.

Hello everyone! We have a very special guest today! This is a very good friend of mine that I met through the blogging community. She has been very supportive, and always there to encourage me. 454 more words

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Guest Post on Travis and The Brain!


I just endured a panic attack out of nowhere in the middle of a family dinner after a half day of work. I’m making myself write this. 676 more words

Social Media is Keeping Me Alive

Upon reading the title of this post, you’re probably thinking ‘Wow, this girl is melodramatic as fuck.’ While that’s probably at least partially true, I 100% mean what I said. 1.043 more words

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Still Suffering From Social Anxiety

Battling Major Depression is very hard for me. It has its highs and lows. A big part of my Depression is Social Anxiety. I struggle to be around others most of the time. 489 more words


I’m not lazy

I’m not lazy. In fact, I’m far from lazy. I’m exhausted. Exhausted from the constant battle that goes on inside my head.

As I lay here in bed for only the second day in a row, I think to myself, … 149 more words