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Speaking Your Truth

Speaking your truth is so vital to your growth that it’s actually determent-all when we ignore it. This post is to answer yesterday’s question, what is the outcome when we do not speak our truth. 323 more words

Emotional Healing

2016 RA Blog Week - Day 4

Happy Friday Eve everyone. We’re almost done with this week. For those of you with stressful day jobs (like me) that’s a good thing. I will be sad to see the end of this week though. 495 more words



It’s never easy seeing death in the flesh,
To know that the one you loved,
Will never experience the joys of breath ever again

Will never know the joy of overcoming, 44 more words


A Touching Story: The Path of the Child

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book by the author Sojourner McConnell for a review.  ‘The Path of the Child’ is a touching and thought-provoking tale, here is my review… 533 more words


How I Deal With an Anxiety Disorder

Disclaimer: Everyone is completely different. What works for me, doesn’t work for everybody, take this with a grain of salt, blah blah blah.

However, I do think it is important for as many people to share their stories and methods of coping as possible. 386 more words


I’ve been thinking about what to say for about three weeks now. I found my trust betrayed again, and the worst part about that is the fact really only friends and loved ones have the power to do that so deeply.  534 more words

mordida de culebra

In El Salvador

when a snake


would sink

venomous fangs

into tender flesh

a snake handler

would be summoned

to suck strange poison

from twin piercings. 110 more words