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Nature As Therapy

I’m going to try something new with today’s post.  I’m going to wax philosophical.  :P

I read an article recently called, “Suffering From Nature Deficit Disorder? 642 more words

Giving Up

Not sure if I posted before or not. But Starfish’s son is in another state in the hospital sick. He been trying to get up there to see him for over a week. 905 more words

DBT again

I’m going to be starting a DBT group again next month.  Seeing as I was suicidal last week and, while I’m not suicidal anymore, I’m still not done being depressed.  344 more words

Mental Health Blog


Hi all please take a look at my blog. It’s a topic very close to my heart and which is in society daily.

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Unlocking Your Heart

You’ve made it! It’s our final week in our moving through depression series. So far we’ve discussed the importance of:



Terrible. Terribly. That is my sadness. I don’t know why that word in particular – I don’t know why I’m even mentioning it, as it is a very unimportant detail. 342 more words