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I almost forgot about this...

It’s been seven days and I guess I only write when I am at work. When I am home I like to be with my family and relax. 838 more words

Episode Of Doom

Ya know how there’s a certain number of factors that add up and they call it “the perfect storm”?

Yeah. That’s me right now, mid episode of doom. 744 more words


Handling the Gloomy Day

Well, I didn’t kill myself. Hooray.

Moving on. Today is a gloomy day, weather wise. The ground is getting drenched and I sit cooped up inside wishing that of all days why today? 1.179 more words


Something personal.

(WARNING: This post is not about fashion or anything near it. Hence the title. It’s something more personal)

As I am writing this, I just want to focus on my feelings. 401 more words


I would like to have a breakdown, oh I mean a break.

I would like to be able to take a 3 month leave from work, to get things right in my world. But in order to do that, it would mean no races or any trips for me and Joshua and that is maybe. 140 more words


Horrible weekends

Idk if I’ll ever get used to these weekends. Either there is a BBQ, a birthday, a holiday, or just people wanting to hang out. But I’m so tired of it. 113 more words

Weight Loss