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Automated Restore Script Output for Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution


This blog post is designed to be useful to two different audiences:

  1. Those implementing Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution for the first time
  2. Those that have been using it for awhile, but might have a hole in their DR plan – what to restore when a resource goes offline…
  3. 600 more words

After the Resurrection

           Goin’ fishin’.” In essence, that is what Jesus’ closest disciples opted to do after His crucifixion. It was over. But Jesus asked them to wait— to wait for 3 more days. 279 more words


A Tropical BREEZE to Clear My Head - The Dominican Republic

I suppose the title is enough to tell you that the ship made it to The DR…

I had set my alarm on my phone to go off again this morning. 1.624 more words

The Florida Keys Area Health Education Center - Keys to Healthy Aging

As the owner of Allergy Ear Nose & Throat, Inc., Dr. Angelo Consiglio treats patients from across Key West at his office in Marathon, Florida. Educated at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Angelo Consiglio, MD, shares his expertise in the field with other medical professionals and interested parties through educational lectures. 178 more words

Angelo Consiglio

SPARC in the DR

By DK Talifu 

During SPARC week I went to the Dominican Republic with Mrs. Wallace and Ms. Massingill. I had a great time there. So much happened, but here are two of my best memories. 392 more words


Will I Survive This?

Only 6 more days until she sees the Dr. She’s pitiful. I try to help her, but nothing works. I know she’s miserable.

Bad…trying to see the good in this!


How humor can help you live a better life

I’m going to tell you a little story. Well…it’s actually a long, complicated story that takes about 45 minutes to share in full detail, so I imagine it would be more like a book than a blog post if I wrote all of it out. 1.130 more words