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Master, 7 years ago today,

You opened Your home.

You gave me Your heart…

You gave me Your name…

You made me Your wife.

But then it was decided that You were needed elsewhere, and i was not able to move on with You. 68 more words


How to go pro: A gamer's journey.

With the current amount of consoles and platforms to play video games, and the application of online play, competitive online gaming has become the norm for our generation. 629 more words

Beastiality 10 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 5

The day had arrived.

The day I had been looking forward to, and yet also dreaded. The day of my performance.

I prepared my body quite carefully. 5.242 more words

Adult Only

My slave's Offering: Ready For Use

I woke with a happy start. The sunlight cast a bright oblong shape on the wall and my bedroom seemed fresh and bright and alive. I stretched and smiled. 1.161 more words



Spring has arrived in our home. I have to admit, so far it’s been my favorite season. It’s that time of year where it’s not too cold to need the heater on, but it’s just cool enough to have a light blanket on the bed. 811 more words


Day 10 - Someone you need to let go

There is a scared little girl somewhere in there. Her name is Booboo Bear and she belongs to Red. Always has. And I need to find a way to bring her out and set her free. 127 more words