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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 6 (Part 17)

Déjà vu. Two days prior, I’d trembled in shame and confusion as Mrs. Cleanknockers stripped me of both pride and pretense, scouring my soul clean of expectations. 89 more words


WTF?!? Ein New 2DS XL?

Nintendo hat am 27.4. den NEW 2DS XL angekündigt! Und mein erster Gedanke war: WTF?!?
Sind denn die jetzt völlig verrückt geworden? Vielleicht auch nicht. Den 2DS habe ich ja auch für einen Aprilscherz gehalten und mitgewitzelt wann der 1DS kommt. 523 more words

Nurturing the Bond of Submission

In a D/s relationship, a strong bond can develop between Dominant and submissive partners that is founded on mutual trust and shared experiences. This bond is like nothing else I have ever felt between myself and another. 544 more words

The Journey


Happy Friday!

What a fantastic week it has been. Wednesday after the kids were in school and we came home from the gym I stood, naked, in our living room. 202 more words

Married Submissive


The picture is of my best friend and me, a million years ago when we were teenagers. At that time you could have an “old-fashioned” sepia-tone photo taken at a kiosk in some of the shopping malls, and this gentleman did a wonderful job, even duplicating the decorative cardboard holder for the photo. 261 more words


Mario kart 8 deluxe is already the best selling game on amazon this year

In only one day, mario kart 8 deluxe has outsold all other videogames this year on amazon. This is amazing news, as this year has already had some huge titles such as Resident evil 7, Legend of zelda: Breath of the wild, Horizon: Zero dawn and Mass Effect:Andromeda. 94 more words


Expectations on the D/s journey

Missy at submissy.com recently published an interesting and thought provoking post on expectations in a D/s relationship. While she feels expectations are “a great thing” that allow you “to set standards and to measure where you are in terms of meeting your targets,” she equally speaks of “experiencing the downs of D/s” as a result of unmet expectations. 1.101 more words