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Is the Issue Privacy or Shame

I’m pretty much out as kinky. My close friends and family know. My partner/Dom and I live together. I don’t feel a need to announce my sexuality to everyone I meet, and as I wouldn’t discuss my sex life at work – I don’t discuss my kinks or the D/s aspect of my relationship there either. 762 more words


Topping From the Bottom

Is a phrase used exclusively by Twue Subs to show that they art subbier than thou and Twue Doms who either want to make you feel as insecure as they do, or alternatively, are just trying to get you to do whatever it is they want. 452 more words


Breath Play

So John and I were goofing around with a set of velcro cuffs, when he says “why don’t I try and choke you a little bit?” 156 more words


Reasons You Are Awesome

You cycled 30 miles just to surprise me at work and give me a hug because you knew I was sad.

When the print shops were too busy and I had to get to a job interview with my CV, you marched into a random office in Camberley and convinced them to print it for me. 81 more words

Fetlife Journal

My Play Manifesto

I have been thinking about play lots and I’ve come to realise that I really do want to play with others – but only as a masochist. 213 more words


🎧Audio Poem: "Your Mystery

This is my first audio poem of many to come. I hope you all enjoy it. Please, leave me comments about what you experienced while hearing it. 38 more words


Submission, and Demanding More From Your Dominant Partner

There have been a few different posts by other bloggers lately talking about their desire to re-acquire that submissive feelings and attitude they crave.  The blogs are extremely popular and are amazing resources.   654 more words