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Today isn't much better

I’m in limbo. I don’t know where I stand. Somehow I need this all to be resolved, and being as impatient as I am, I don’t know if that will happen soon enough for me.  99 more words

Sir v2.0 To Receive

You sleep that night with an ease that normally comes from a prescription. The following morning, in the shower, you catch a glimpse of the bruising on your buttocks and smile to yourself, badges of your courage and surrender that make you tingle with a set of emotions that resist analysis. 3.157 more words



So my Master definitely allowed me the loophole of the wand in that video last night and thoroughly enjoyed watching it which allowed me the opportunity for my reward. 593 more words


Flashback Friday: "All-American Football Star"

Something a bit different today. Originally published Sept. 23rd, 2009.

JayCee couldn’t wait to surprise her husband Terrence. He didn’t expect her until this evening, but she’d caught an earlier flight.

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Of Service

Often I am approached by hopefuls offering their “service” as sexual slaves or objects. Even now when I have not actively been looking for anyone to serve me.While getting off on demand and without much effort on my part sounds nice, once I’ve come, the dishes still need washed and I want my potted patio garden rotated, weeded and watered before the day is out, and l want a hand planning a deep clean of the kitchen. 814 more words


Ask a Kinky Girl, Part 2 - Would you ever 'go back' to being vanilla?

Well, hi there. Welcome to Kinky Wednesday. *pretending shamelessly that I’m not one day late with this post* And as I stated in ‘Ask a Kinky Girl, part 1… 704 more words

Kinky Dungeon


​As I begin preparing to return home, I cannot help but think of the manner in which my Mistress will utilize me and violate me. I know that being pegged, and being at Her mercy as she violates me are in my immediate future, because She has told me so. 169 more words