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Slot Car Racing: Mario Kart DS

Hi folks,

My daughter and I have been spending some time doing slot car racing lately. :) I was lucky to score this Mario Kart DS slot car racing set (picture above) on a market a few weeks ago.  199 more words


Day 5 - Challenge Story - All Wrapped Up

Sometimes things get a little (!) funky and you decide to try something just… fun and goofy and odd.  Today is one of those.

You tell me to get undressed, uncaged, and present myself…. 1.084 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 3 (Part 13)

My cunt tingled and grew hot and tight. I leaned forward so my hard peaked nipples rubbed the wood step. “My Lord,” he said as he kept his hawk like gaze locked on my partially turned face, “I do not recall nude maids on any previous visits.” His Lordship twisted and looked up at me. 61 more words


Challenge Day 5

Happy Monday!  Or what we like to call around the Snake house, story day.  Everyone knows that he publishes a story every Monday so I thought that I would tie the challenge to the story.   33 more words


I love to kiss Sir and would like to celebrate number 5 in the calendar by kissing him  in his 5 most sensitive and pleasurable places. 17 more words


Day 4 - Challenge Response

Charmer asked that I provide three things about her that I like, and two surprising (or at least little known) things about me….  This is a challenging request; it’s hard to write cohesive notes on this – it certainly won’t be in Twitter. 401 more words