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Submission and the workplace

This morning Sir, my Other, had me submit to Him while i was at work.

Sir questioned me as to whether i was situated in a cubicle or out in the open in the office. 219 more words


And we’re done. I don’t even care anymore. I’m living my life and letting this go.


From "fly over" land

My FaceBook post this morning. For lack of anything substantial to say!

I’m on the mend. I’m ready to roll. Fed law prevents me from acquiring the medication I need for my tooth removal to go back out on the road until Sunday! 41 more words


đź’”A Real Fake Heart

When what was REAL turns

into something FAKE it then

becomes HEART empty.


Slut Shaming in BDSM

Slut shaming has been a major topic in my many conversations with people outside the internet, and some of them have blamed the fact that the person dresses provocatively – which might be one of the worst excuses I’ve ever heard, not including the excuse: they asked for it. 101 more words



So after much consideration and thought I have been considering what breed I am…

At first I always considered myself to be a husky whilst I feel I have many of such traits displayed by huskies, it has been recently brought to my attention that Much of my personality and pup persona are that of a bull dog. 1.316 more words

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