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Game Night part 6

He allowed her to lay there, body lightly convulsing for a few moments. Then, reaching with one hand and again clasping the back of her neck, he pulled upward while telling her, “Rise my beauty.” Once in a standing position, he used his free hand to brush off all the pieces that had remained stuck to her sweaty body and whispered in her ear, “Good Girl.” She smiled at those two words, knowing she had pleased him. 411 more words


Degrade me

Play and scenes for Sir and I have evolved over the past year; what we enjoy has changed as we have become our true Dominant and submissive selves.   1.250 more words


Accepting my kinky girl

From an early age, belle showed signs of kinkery. We are the only loves either have ever known. After only a couple of years of being sexually active, she was very explorative. 32 more words

DS - the Bid List

My husband has to bid for his new posting, which will be somewhere in the United States, but we don’t yet know where.  The DS bidding process as I understands it is basically as follows: 119 more words


Out Shopping

I was out shopping with the girls and came upon a sign.  It said this:

In my case, it should read something like, “When life gets too hard, eat crappy food, pass out on your couch and tell your Sir you are just too darn tired.”  I have been a bad sub, but bad girls have their share of fun…I’ll let Sir write about that since he claims that there is “nothing to see here.” 292 more words

Married Submissive

Power Balance

Melt into Master.
Yin and Yang delighting now.
Inhabit. Obey.


Survivors Guilt

My sister is in the process of ending her 16 year marriage; her husband has mentally checked out and the possibility of an affair is highly likely, although not proven or admitted to yet.   398 more words