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Sir said we haven’t really done much D/s yet. In my head I thought, “Well what the fuck have I been blogging about!?” Maybe we haven’t done a lot of protocol, but in my mind if he is directing me, if I feel the urge to follow his direction, if there is a lesson learned or a difficult result for my behaviors, if there is a change in my behavior because I know it will please him, if there is pain involved, it is D/s. 65 more words

Nintendo Switch Battery Test vs Bunch of Other Devices

Channel Family Gamer TV on YouTube did a comparison between the battery life of the Nintendo Switch and other devices, the switch lasting 5hrs 12m.


Introduction to LDA - Topic Modelling

As the title says, below is to provide a simple understanding of what & why Topic Modelling is imported or used for or what to expect from it. 40 more words


Nintendo Memories: DS

Luke Halliday

Bomberman DS

The Nintendo DS is a console I hold near and dear to my heart. Not only do I have so many fond memories playing with my brother and sister with the system, the Nintendo DS was the final gift I received from my grandmother before her passing. 2.114 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 5 Part(9)

Discretely adjusting his falls, Mr. Steedstiff dismissed the girls to their rooms. He shuffled my test papers then tapped them into a neat stack. “You seem to have a good grasp of the English language, Ruby, but you seem to be lacking in more basic areas. 70 more words


New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo DS (2006)

The Story (As Lifted from all Mario Games)

Save the Princess!!!


With the release of New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo returns the side-scrolling format that defined Mario games until the early 1990s. 377 more words


How it's going to be....

So kinksters,

how is your Sunday treating? I’m really flagging and very much need food, a bath, and my bed! or I could just have a cup of tea with caffeine in it, but then I would be bouncing of the walls for the rest of the day! 168 more words