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It was fireworks♡

When you’re in love ,yep, it’s like fireworks!

From the moment Daddy and I met, something seemed different between us. I have never felt so comfortable with anyone like I do Daddy! 245 more words

The Issue

The issue is…….

you’re a married submissive and I will not break a commandment. I’m tempted don’t get Me wrong.

I’m sorry but

I must continue on guilt free thank you. 51 more words



Last weekend, my Father had custody of me. Which basically translates to me having that weekend off. I was really happy to be seeing my Daddy, I was missing Him immensly and was excited to spend the weekend in the city with Him. 281 more words


Game On: Randomized Pokemon HeartGold (Part 84)

Chris finally goes off the deep end and starts a playthrough of one of his favorite games: Pokemon HeartGold! But there’s a twist: most of the world has been randomized! 62 more words

Video Games

Anniversay Weekend at the Cabin by the Brook

FINALLY!!! boy and I got away for a whole weekend, away from kids, other partners and well.. most of civilization.  We were free to live out a few of our true D/s fantasies, including boy being naked while in the home.  478 more words


What do you mean you're a work at home Mum?

Or otherwise known as “How on Earth do I get any kind of balance in my life when I have kids????”

It’s hard, somedays I get nothing done on my to do list at all! 958 more words

Training Day, May 2, 2016

Maximus was traveling home Sunday from the East coast, so we did my training Monday.

First, He wanted to share with me how proud of me He was, for the dates with RunnerGirl and for going to the lifestyle party. 1.620 more words

BDSM Relationship