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Tom McLeish and the case for understanding the nature of science (and perhaps technology) through Biblical Revelation

Tom McLeish is a self-confessed ‘faith head’ i.e. a very committed Christian (a Reader in the Anglican Church since 1993) but also a highly successful scientist (Professor of Physics at Durham University and chair of the Royal Society’s education committee); a combination that isn’t as unusual as we might think. 768 more words


Hammer and nail

There is an old saying that goes like this:

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.” 1.048 more words


Wardour's mill carts - DT project

Our DT project was to research, design, make and evaluate mill carts.  We measured the chassis and then sawed the lengths of wood we needed before sticking them with reinforcing triangle corners.   26 more words


What the Post-Truth World Looks Like

(April 1-7, 2017) This last week is a perfect example of what the post-truth world looks like. DT’s poll numbers going down, DT announces he won’t seek Assad’s removal, story about Assad gassing his own people, DT calls it despicable and shows disappointment in Putin, DT fires 5 dozen cruise missiles at one Assad military airport, Putin sends one of his destroyers to show he isn’t intimidated. 279 more words


Sonja Armor Update IV

Now time for Red, and she’s looking hot! I need to put together some actual scenes with some of my characters.

I know she is kind of standing/running at a weird angle, but its all I had time for. 10 more words

3D Stuff

London's burning!

This morning Ospreys burnt down their Tudor houses. It was amazing to see how quickly Fire can spread. This will help the children to write a letter home, from the point of view of someone who was living in London in 1666, during the great fire.

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