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Differentiation -Learning Outcomes

I have been using this concept for the past year now and it seems to work extremely well. Not only does it enable me to easily track the progress and understanding of individual pupils, it also cuts down on my marking! 281 more words


Not the outsides but the insides surely?

I’ve come across several requests for new projects to support a revision of current KS3 schemes of work. My usual response has been don’t start with projects, start with what you want the pupils to learn. 514 more words


America is NOT an Assh*le

I am Canadian and I need to vent.

We are different from Americans in case you hadn’t noticed. For example, we are often said to be friendlier, and can have healthier eating habits like…moose and stuff. 1.740 more words


Dinosaur Train -Buddy

“Aaaaaallll Aboooooard!”

Buddy is the first in our Dinosaur Train series. My daughter absolutely loves this show! She was so excited when I showed her this graph.

Enjoy and happy crocheting!



Birds will be nesting in style...thanks to Year 7!

Year 7 have been using a variety of workshop and woodworking techniques to build bird boxes to their own designs. Here they are working on them yesterday: we hope to feature the boxes again when they are finished and painted ready for some feathered friends to move in! 6 more words

Hethersett Old Hall School

The parallels between AK and DT

I would like to start with a silly Shahrukh Khan movie dialogue which couldn’t remotely be related to serious politics, “Never underestimate the power of a common man.” 823 more words

Wonderful Weavers

In DT today we learnt how to weave. It was very tricky and we needed a lot of patience. First, we created our own cardboard loom by cutting lines along a folded piece of card… 32 more words