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Hi everyone!

Here’s the final Dinosaur Train graph – it’s the logo!  If you are planning to make a blanket with 6 squares and a banner, this should complete your project. 52 more words


Hi everyone!

This graph goes in our Dinosaur Train series.  The original requester wants a graph of her son’s name that I will send to her individually, but I wanted to make sure that there were still enough graphs for anyone else who wanted a full project. 91 more words

Dinosaur Train

Learning About Robotics

A blog post about the work that we have done so far at our school in Design classes. The following is a summary of the work we have completed, what we have learned, and my opinion/enthusiasm on the matter of robotics. 2.892 more words

Train Banner

Hi guys!

I am still working on learning this new software (MacStitch by Ursa Software), but so far I am so impressed with it!  I think this will make my graphing life a TON simpler! 90 more words


Third, information warfare is not about creating an alternate truth, but eroding our basic ability to distinguish truth at all. It is not propaganda as we’ve come to think of it, but the less obvious techniques known in Russia as active measures and reflexive control.

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Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon

Hi everyone!

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon!  They are the parents of all our kiddo friends from Dinosaur Train.  They are such good parents – always taking their kids on learning adventures and helping them solve problems!

Happy crocheting!


Dinosaur Train

What does David Spendlove think bout Re-building D&T?

David has commented on the Re-Building D&T paper on his blog.As always it’s well worth a read. David hopes his comments will start a wide ranging and genuine debate across the community. 16 more words

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