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MAGAnomics – Big Manufacturing Jump Amid Mid-Atlantic Region Report

One of President Trump’s more important moves was to rebalance trade. This will have a long term positive effect on the USA and its people. Also including the whole of North America. 95 more words


Idiocracy Explained - New Study Finds Western Diet Impairs Brain Function

“There’s an apocalypse of stupid people forming.

How does America stumble down a path where its citizens are dumber than rocks in the next couple of centuries, or maybe, in the next couple of decades?”



Is Free Market Economics Too "Ideological"?

“Free market economics is often ignorantly dismissed for being “ideological” rather than scientific. It probably sounds smart to the economically illiterate, but it is decidedly not.”



Marxist Dreams and Soviet Realities

“The sharp contrast that Alexis de Tocqueville drew in 1835 between the United States and Tsarist Russia—”the principle of the former is freedom; of the latter, servitude” 18 more words