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Film Review - Brigsby Bear

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When I went to the GFT to see Brigsby Bear, I had no idea what to expect. The film’s brief trailer gave very little away, and so as it began all I knew for certain about Brigsby Bear was that it was about a strange man who adored an 80s style children’s show. 342 more words

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Hope in the Shadow of the Empire: Star Wars and the Jewish Identity

Star Wars has always drawn a connection between the Empire and the Nazis. From the very beginning, the franchise presented images of Grand Moff Tarkin and his officers, replete with enforcers dubbed “stormtroopers,” wearing uniforms that likened them to the men who served Hitler. 1.285 more words

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Loving Vincent (2017)

You have never seen a film made like this before. Loving Vincent is the first ever fully painted animated feature film. Unsurprisingly it is an absolute marvel to look at. 519 more words

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Digimon Films: Our War Game!

(To check out my essay on the first Digimon Film: Digimon Adventure, click HERE)

The first Digimon film was released one day prior to the beginning of the series’ Japanese airing and served as a prequel to build hype and viewership on the following day. 1.196 more words


Erik The Conqueror (1961)

I love old Italian cinema (if you couldn’t tell by my recent writings), probably a bit more than I should. It’s cheesy, it’s passionate and most importantly it’s almost always a treat to look at design and color scheme wise. 649 more words

Scotty Floronic

...shed some light

Yesterday, the 2017 Golden Globe nominations were announced, and while there were the usual discussions of surprises and snubs, one particular oversight stung a little bit more than usual. 345 more words


Bleeder: Hopelessness and Hope

(Check out previous essays on Refn’s films here: Drive, Pusher, Bleeder)

Last time, I talked about Nicolas Winding Refn’s 1999 film Bleeder, I talked very little about the thematic elements of the film and focused more on how Refn shows his influences through dialogue and scenery, as well as his cinematographic influences musically and stylistically. 1.167 more words