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Meatball Curry

A delicious, classic Anglo-Indian dish (film: Star Online).

See also Ball Curry and Anglo-Indian Food for additional recipes.

Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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Favourite Actor

Actors can make or break a film. So how can I choose just one? Here are my top three.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a ridiculously amazing actor with a great personality on top of it. 215 more words


Hello Trump. Now What?

(Illustration: Jasper Rietman for NY Times)

Tomorrow is January 20th. It’s official. Mr Trump will now be our President, and despite all the other issues to face internationally, this blog post is about one thing only — How “the Donald” will be handling Cuba/US relations and how you as an American can help shape policy and public sentiment. 1.850 more words

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Review

by Ian Morton

When someone comes up to me tomorrow and asks what my cinema experience was like after watching xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, my answer will be surprisingly simple; it’s like watching someone get the worst action film, stuff it with the second and then asking it to be remade by a drunk 4 year old….on meth! 477 more words


Sing Director Kristof Deák - We shot a 25-min film with kids in every scene in just 5 days!

We caught up with the talented director Kristof Deák  to talk about his amazing short film Sing, that has been shortlisted for an Academy Award. 1.238 more words


"I thought I could nurture the gift I was given by God, the gift of creativity.  Now, in terms of the results..."

“whether they’re good, mediocre, bad…it turns out it doesn’t matter.”

“Ultimately, the one thing I thought I could do in life was—how should I put it?

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