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Instant film and the joy of holding a real life photograph

So my previous entry was about my passion for photography and how I shot film back in the days when I was a kid. Guess what? 481 more words


Film Review: Ulyana Lupatkina

If you have never sat down to watch a ballet, do not start now. Directed by Marlene Ionesco, documentary Ulyana Lupatkina follows the famous Russian prima ballerina through interviews. 122 more words


Film Review: Our Little Sister

An older sibling takes on a burden that many will not understand unless they too are the eldest. No one tells you you have to take care of your siblings and make their lives at least a little easier. 833 more words


Film Review: Chasuke's Journey

     Screenwriters create worlds that can be desirable to experience. Its literal translation through film takes breath away. In Chasuke’s Journey (2015) this is reality – but it is not to be desired. 856 more words


Bait (Kimble Rendall 2012)

and so anyway it turns out the best thing about Bait (2012) –  the film in which a bunch of young Aussies, most of whom, according to a half-assed imdb search, seem to be stuntmen from  173 more words


You Tell Me

A late morning and the soft light spills from the kitchen into the living room where my granddaughter sleeps on the rocker recliner.  I just so happened to have two of my fave cameras close by that day.  326 more words

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