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Hi everyone!

Here’s Darla!  The fish in the dentist’s tank were absolutely terrified of her!  Darla isn’t in the film for that long, but a lot of the story is indirectly about her. 44 more words

Finding Nemo


Hi everyone!

We are nearing the end of the Finding Nemo series.  You’ll see two more 25×25 squares, a logo square, and a banner.  Woohoo! 20 more words

Finding Nemo


Hi all!

Here’s Bubbles!  This guy was hard to graph, due to the closeness of the yellows in the film photos!  When you make this graph, be sure to use yellows that are within a shade or two of each other so that he doesn’t look quite as separated as he does in the graph – unless you like that look of course :) 47 more words

Finding Nemo


Hi everyone!

Here’s one of my favorite characters – Bruce!

I have to tell you that I struggled for a long time with this one.  How do I get his teeth, his pointed face, just exactly correct?  110 more words

Finding Nemo


Hi everyone!

As I explained in the FB group, my VPN has been acting up.  Since I can’t access the blog or FB without it, there’s been a gap in postings.  54 more words

Finding Nemo


Pendant mon cours de français avec ma stagiaire russe:

“Vous avez des arguments comme celui de Trump en France?

-Oui, au début c’était que le Front National mais ça déborde sur tout le spectre politique.

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Hillary Clinton uppviglar till regimskiften världen runt - 8 oktober, 2016

Det är välkänt att Hillary Clinton gav sitt stöd för regimskiften i Irak, Syrien och Libyen, men vad som ofta glöms bort är att hon även låg bakom strategin och kuppen i Honduras 2009, vilket tvingade den demokratiskt valde presidenten Manuel Zelaya att fly landet, säger Mehdi Hasan på Reality Check, Al Jazeera. 170 more words