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FNs schizofreni angående Israel.

FN har en säregen förmåga att tycka flera olika saker samtidigt, speciellt om Israel. Här exempel.

The UN’s Schizophrenia on Israel

EVELYN GORDON / NOV. 15, 2016… 142 more words

Florian Philippot empêché de débattre à Sciences Po. Vidéo

Démocratie à la Francaise

Plusieurs dizaines d’étudiants de Sciences Po ont empêché mardi soir la tenue d’une conférence à laquelle était invités à échanger le numéro 2 du FN, Florian Philippot, et Matthias Fekl, secrétaire d’État chargé du Commerce extérieur…… … 8 more words

Dags erkänna Jerusalem som Israels huvudstad!

Tänk om alla länder ansåg att Göteborg var Sveriges huvudstad och skickade sina sändebud och ambassader dit. Så glada  göteborgarna skulle bli! Och så ilskna stockholmarna skulle bli, och resten av svenska folket med för den delen. 608 more words


Lady Liberty - Madame President Le Pen - Europe’s next political earthquake

After the shock of Brexit and then election of Donald Trump to the White House, anything now seems possible in the political world. Six months hence, Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s Front National (FN), will be within reach of the presidency.  1.178 more words


FN Debate cancelled by protesters at Sciences Po Paris

Earlier this evening, a debate featuring FN vice president Florian Philippot was cancelled after protesters blocked the entrance to the venue in which it was supposed to take place. 227 more words


FN Browning Model 1906 (Smart K18A)

What can you buy for under five dollars?  A cup of coffee and a croissant?  A beer?  Maybe. A glass of wine?  Probably not. What about a replica pistol then?  2.540 more words

The next populism battleground: France

Much has been written about the rise of populism in the past few years, but even more so in 2016 following Brexit and the election of Trump. 1.130 more words