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Frak You, Governor Pence!

Frak you Governor Pence! Today, my heart broke a little more as yet another state enacted the RFRA. Frak you, Governor Pence! Frak you!  I live in Indiana, and a majority of the people here do not support this bill. 213 more words


The Illuminati are LIBERALS

Mark Dice, Mar 2015

The New World Order is largely a liberal idea. I’m certainly not saying both major parties in America (the Democrats and the Republicans) aren’t corrupt at the top of the pyramid and working…

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The Elite, Or “TPTB”

Following Jesus Means Being Political and Advocating for “The Least of These” (Repost)

Mark Sandlin, over at Patheos.com, wrote this extraordinary article about a part of Jesus’s life that tends to be overlooked or glossed over. A lot about Jesus is focused mainly on his sacrifice and not so much on following his example, parables, and other teachings. 1.004 more words


This Is America! Act Like It

THIS IS AMERICA!  This was the mantra of generations after the establishment of the United States of America.  Our history shows that this nation was built with grit, toughness, a do it yourself and a get it done attitude.   394 more words


INSANE: Woman tries to kill pro-life prayer group by tossing THIS out her car window

What do you expect, she already has not respect for life…

Pro-life conservatives often get labeled as radical, woman-hating religious fanatics who are dangerous, ticking time bombs just waiting to explode in a fit of rage and bloody violence.

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Founder of Greenpeace Destroys Al Gore and Global Warming

Boy… is Al Gore gonna be mad now! The founder of Greenpeace just wrote the best argument against the false narrative of Man-Made Climate Change I have ever seen!

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State senator compares police to ISIS, but what he says next is completely INSANE

If you flip through the channels on your television you’ll find ample evidence in under five minutes that our planet is filled to the brim with loonies of all walks of life, but you’ll also quickly discover a huge portion of those individuals are liberal.

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