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Post-Election Wake Up Call

November 10, 2016 – This is a wake-up call for the Democrats and the Republicans.  This is a wake-up call for everyone really.  Our country needs to do some serious soul searching.  332 more words

Anything Can Happen

In Defense of...Safe Spaces

I see it splashed across Twitter all the time.

“Liberals will just go run to their safe spaces”

“All the SJW’s in their safe spaces don’t know what the real world is like” 431 more words

improper First Lady?

I have a lot of complaints about Trump’s upcoming term in office, but one of those complaints does not include the fact that his First Lady was a nude model. 585 more words

Blame Game Solves Nothing

Whenever there is a crisis or a tragedy, the blame game gets started.  The conservatives blame the liberals and the liberals blame the conservatives.  The moderates blame the extremists and the extremists blame the moderates.   142 more words

“Hey, Check Out This Graffiti!”

Another reason why “conservative radio” is popular – and necessary…

A morning host of a Washington, D.C. radio station reported that someone had spray-painted the words “Black Lives Matter” on the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. 57 more words

Donald Trump

If you want to stop the alt-right, value tradition and culture

Ever since Hillary Clinton gave her famous “basket of deplorables” speech about the Alt-Right, it seems their movement has dominated the news. Of course, there’s very good reason for this: President-elect Trump owes much of his victory to the constant social media engagement of his alt-right followers, he appointed Stephen Bannon – a large proponent of alt-right ideology – to the position of Chief White House Strategist, and recently selected Mike Flynn – another proponent of the alt-right – as National Security Advisor. 1.247 more words

Western Civilization