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What the left thinks about me

George Saunders, an American writer for The New Yorker, wrote an article entitled “Who Are These Trump Supporters.” It was long and at times jibberish, incredibly condescending and so skewed to the left. 2.786 more words

Do Black Lives Matter Here in Pleasantville?

If you have not seen or heard of the black lives matter movement, then you must live in the woods with no form of communication with the outside world. 498 more words

Pace Profile

Why Millennial Men Lean Left

A lot has been said and written about how and why millennials are (and aren’t voting) in this year’s presidential election.  I’ve thought a lot over the last year about the policy ideas, beliefs, affiliations, and just general feel for several candidates, and I have made my decision.  1.211 more words

George Brandis’ Coffee Table Resigns Following A Clash With His BookShelf

Attorney-General George Brandis has today issued a statement announcing that the coffee table in his office has offered its resignation. The resignation, which Mr Brandis has accepted, follows repeated clashes between the table and the Attorney-General’s bookshelf. 178 more words

The UnAustralian

a culture of corruption corrupting the people

When the people see their national leaders repeatedly disobey the laws without any consequences, the people begin to lose respect for the law.  When individuals in positions of authority and responsibility show through their actions contempt for the law, there is a corrupting effect on the people.   695 more words


Election Season

This election is such a joke.

Bickering and being stubborn, which makes them only provoke.

Each side bashing the other like they’re the only ones correct. 346 more words