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I believe that the trinity is the foundational doctrine of Christianity.  It may be even more foundational than the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – because while Jesus’ death was to show us the nature of the trinity, the trinity preceeded that action.   873 more words


The current state, my view.

The current political landscape is as diverse, rocky and paradoxical as ever. From global warming, to relationships between the powerhouses of the world and the current refugee crisis, this is a period that will be seen as equally important to any that has preceded it in history. 118 more words


Why I'm voting to leave the EU (as a staunch Lib Dem)

I was in my school common room yesterday, and all of sudden, talk turned to the EU – not the first time this week. After proclaiming my support for a Brexit, nearly everyone in the room turned to me, many confused, seeing how damn left-wing I usually sound in my political rants. 605 more words

The Rise of Victimhood Politics & the Media's Lack of Accountability

The Rise of Victimhood Politics & the Media’s Lack of Accountability
   by: Daniel Stone (@DanielGStone on Twitter)

The drive to my 8-5 job is one usually filled with ESPN’s Mike & Mike suburban dad style approach to sports talk or me jamming out to some classic jazz on Spotify. 1.410 more words

Jihadists in White Coats

By Eileen F. Toplansky
American Thinker
May 13, 2016

In his 2008 book Jihad and American Medicine, Dr. Adam Frederic Dorin considers what “thinking like a terrorist” would entail in terms of attacks on our healthcare system. 597 more words


The brief differences between modern English Political parties

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post!

One of the biggest issues with studying modern Political history seems to be the difference between the English Parties. 302 more words

20th Century

Splintering of the Left and Why the Left is Still a Dominant Force

Whenever I get a break from teaching I default to two activities, exercise and watching quality TV. There is not a lot of quality television.  I am a very fit 50 year old.  3.417 more words