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Comedy and it's Racist Problem with Stereotypes

For the past decade comedy has undergone a rather awkward phase. With social justice finally becoming a wide-spread and paramount cause for many, comedy too has had to adapt to this. 726 more words

That Woman of Waldheim

I am becoming a person of action. By action I mean putting up a sign.

OK, the video is rather bad. But it goes along with my spotlight post today. 839 more words


Are You Liberal or Just Hip? | 8-27-15

Do you really think you’ll always be progressive? Do you really think you’ll never stop pushing forward? What happens when you finally get your goals done, get the world to be as you like it? 168 more words

Random Freewrites & Journaling

Why British Politics Will Miss The Lib Dems

We all know the story of the 7th May 2015 when it comes to the Liberal Democrats: crushed, humiliated, defeated – leaving them with only 8 seats in parliament and missing a leader. 505 more words


The moral line

Potential Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that women-only train carriages could be introduced at night to guard against sexual attacks has been condemned by rival Labour leadership contenders and anti-sexism campaigners. 91 more words


Progressives and Their Taxes Kill Cities

By Chuck Rogér

High taxes are bad for cities.  Low taxes encourage growth.  In fact, between 1980 and 2007, compared to the ten most-taxed metropolitan areas, America’s ten least-taxed metropolitan areas… 940 more words


Blissfully Educated

There are so many things I don’t understand no matter what. Take physics for instance. I love the idea of being well-educated in the subject, but I got a C in the only physics class I took in college. 680 more words