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Province needs to ensure sexual assault hotline at Dalhousie is restored

Students have been advocating that more needs to be done to prevent sexualized violence on campuses, so yesterday’s news that Dalhousie’s sexual assault hotline will see a reduction in service over a… 254 more words

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Trump Against The Globalists; Why I'm Pro Trump

The phrase “e pluribus unum” (out of many, one) adorns the obverse of the United States’ seal; the American eagle clutches a scroll with the Latin inscription, for a long time considered the unofficial motto of the United States, until replaced by “One Nation Under God.”  This simple, sublime phrase captures the truest essence of a nation.  1.366 more words


Just What Is a “Real Republican?”

Since the Clark County Republican Party took their suicidal plunge towards irrelevancy this past Saturday, I now see increasing comments regarding “Real Republicans,” indicating Republican candidates and incumbents such as candidate for County Council District 3 John Blom, incumbent 18th Legislative District State Senator Ann Rivers and incumbent 3rd Congressional District Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler are not “Real Republicans.” 899 more words

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"We All Want to Change the World"

It’s a single line from Carl F.H. Henry’s 1964 book on Aspects of Christian Social Ethics (Eerdmans) that has been as consequential for my thinking about the social implications of the Gospel as any line from any book written by any theologian/ethicist that I have ever read.  1.583 more words


Shawn Shiflett: The worst time for a white kid to do something like this in high school

Shawn Shiflett is the author of Hey, Liberal!, a book that highlights Chicago race and politics. Shawn’s protagonist is inspired by himself, a white boy being the minority at a mostly black school. 18 more words

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What is Government's Purpose?

It is important to know what the purpose of government is because you can’t know how the government should be doing its job if you don’t even know what that job is and what it’s limits should be. 596 more words

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