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The Deception of Self in Flannery O'Connor's "Everything That Rises Must Converge"

Flannery O’Connor, the mid-20th century, Southern Gothic writer, is often lauded for her abnormal characters and introspection on the intersectionalities of race relations, ethics, and morality in the South. 1.428 more words


Against Our Better Judgment

Yesterday, in the Bible class I teach at the church where I serve, I made the point that we can be very bad at making appropriate judgments. 1.019 more words

Current Trends

Tru Azz Conservatism

From a source I have fallen away from reading lately, The American Conservative, here relayed as the positions of the anti-federalists:

They insisted on the importance of a small political scale, particularly because a large expanse of diverse citizens makes it difficult to arrive at a shared conception of the common good and an overly large scale makes direct participation in political rule entirely impracticable if not impossible.

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Why Trump Can Rescind Obama's Iran Deal

Trump to Begin Process to Rescind Iran Deal! 👍👍👍

Let’s face it Obama had no business drafting the Iran Deal in the first place!

As we all know treaties must be approved by a super majority in the United States Senate! 198 more words

20 Years Ago, James A. Michener Passed Away

James A. Michener is my favorite author.  I especially like his historical novels.  In his day, he was the King of the Novel.  His books, if judged by “thud” factor are certainly impressive.  2.894 more words


Denouncing Liberalism, from an ex-Liberal

The saying “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” is a saying that is perpetually used by people on the Right of the Political Spectrum to label Liberals and people who are on the Left of the Political Spectrum. 2.040 more words


How To Peacefully Separate... If All Else Fails

If America can’t pull it together, if we ultimately divide into camps and abandon all willingness to work together, if we become too resistant to compromise on anything anymore ever again, then before we break out into full-on civil war, I want to present an alternative solution, a failsafe against mass violence. 964 more words