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Welfare: Solutions, Changes and Abuse

This might be a bit rambling in nature but it covers so much.

When the New Deal introduced Social Security and Welfare it was because of the Great Depression.  1.712 more words


StudioJake: Hear The Story Of My Political Evolution

Ever wonder about how I moved from the political Left to the political Right? Here is my story from going from a Blue Dog Liberal to a Classic Conservative. 230 more words


How Are Values Formed?

Written over the course of two days, and finished in Starbucks in San Jose, CA with electronic dance music pounding in my head, and a grande blonde roast that tastes horrible because I’ve given up sugar. 1.850 more words



By Mike Cronin

Lefticles have created a culture that treats minority identity as a badge of courage, masculinity and reason as toxic, and boyhood exuberance as a disorder. 87 more words

Politics & Philosophy

contradiction & confusion

I’m confused about some things:

  1. People argue for the right to public prayer under the 1st Amendment even though Christ instructed us to pray humbly in our closets.
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