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Politics: How people think about other people

We’re hearing more and more about candidates for the Republican nomination for U.S. President. We have read comments on the Internet which show that many readers know little to nothing about how the process works. 583 more words


Compulsive Need

We all know that one person who has a compulsive need to make everyone around them feel lousy or even question their very existence. This person for me is my father. 193 more words

Fifth Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Released: ‘This Patient Was Like 18 Weeks’ (Warning: GRAPHIC) | Video | TheBlaze.com

Please, someone tell me, how is Planned Parenthood any different than Hitler? The only differences I see are:

1. People pay to have a person murdered, Hitler just did it… 510 more words


Is the Conservative Perspective a God-like Perspective? Turns Out, it has its Pros and Cons

Consider the following scenario:

An LDS bishop hears rumors from a reliable source that a young single adult woman, who is a temple recommend holder, has violated the law of chastity. 2.606 more words


To The Left, To The Left...Second-Guessing The Youth Vote

Free to dream, I’d be left of Jeremy Corbyn. But we can’t gamble the future on him

Here is a comment  I made  re an opinion piece in the  Guardian by Polly  Toynbee… 314 more words

Election Guide: Everything you need to know about the parties’ platforms

Canadians have been called to vote on October 19. It’s still early in this long race and the National Post has put together this nice electoral guide. 611 more words


JANET HOOK: Unhappy Voters Shake Up Presidential Race

Wall Street Journal — Unsettled electorate gives a lift to antiestablishment candidates, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds

An unhappy and unsettled electorate is giving a lift to antiestablishment candidates and changing the dynamics of the 2016 presidential contest for both parties, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. 50 more words