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You Have the Right to be Offended...

Michael Z Williamson is an author who has his own blog. As a rule, if you’re easily offended, it’s not a good place to spend your time. 19 more words

The Monster of Free Speech

Is your defense of free speech often met by sarcasm? If yes, you are not the only one.

But it is not always the mullah, the fundamentalist religious fanatic or the nationalist social conservative raising eyebrows when such an idea is brought up. 496 more words


Session in Ontario Legislature Showcases Wynne/Lieberal  Contempt


I suggest that anyone attempting to understand the true nature of Premier Kathleen Wynne take a moment and watch this short video of yesterday’s Ontario Legislature session as the Dragon Lady appears to have been caught (Lieberal ~Red-Handed) in attempts to cover up some very serious allegations about bribery and likely criminal charges pending from the Ontario Provincial Police(OPP). 435 more words


The War Within The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Canada is at war against a tyrant, and his name is Justin Trudeau.

While that may sound hyperbolic, consider the following: 985 more words


Break-Up Side Effect #2: The Sad

Winston Churchill referred to it as the black dog. Will Wheaton referred to it as a loud room. Allie Bosh referred to it as a… 1.084 more words


The Higginson Leaks: Who's Really Funding Our Political Parties?

New leaked documents from the office of Phillip Higginson, the Federal Treasurer, seem to indicate that the Liberal Party of Australia may have been receiving donations of a “million pounds Sterling” and up to “several tens of millions of US dollars” from “within the USA”, with the Treasurer stating that he “can now quite confidently ask individuals and their advisors for a donation”. 952 more words