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Our Last Day Of Freedom

The Internet is a great place, isn’t it? On the Internet, a Swedish kid with a webcam can pretend to be scared by video games and make an assload of money for every 10 minute video he cranks out onto YouTube. 487 more words

Ireland's Eighth Amendment

Preface: I am not from Ireland, I’ve never been to Ireland; and though I’m partially Irish and rarely say no to potatoes, beer, and gingers with beards (kidding.. 610 more words

Praise the Lord and Pass the Bump Stock and Ammo Canister

I was a third of the way through the children’s sermon at Cornfield and Dairy Farm UCC Church. It was the last Sunday in Epiphany, and I was discussing our upcoming Veggie Fast—a… 1.579 more words

Justin Trudeau's policies hurt the Canadian economy and promote further economic decline.

Trudeau is not a decisive nor strong leader in terms of decision-making regarding real issues concerning the economy and the livelihood of Canadians. He’s more in-tune with fake news and fake issues like climate change, gender research and the green environment. 237 more words

World Politics

Liberalise it! - TUM

Why shouldn’t people be able to do what they want, provided they’re not hurting anybody else? – Sen. Chuck Schumer

American Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly plans to introduce legislation to…

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