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General Semantics is the study of words and how they are used to manipulate us and affect us in positive and negative ways. For example, the manufacturer of Dove soap has been successful for years. 1.275 more words

12 Musings By Jack Reagan

Thinking for Oneself

One of my online acquaintances has often referred to himself as being “liberal”. Based on the sort of stuff he posts to facebook, yeah, I’d agree with him. 340 more words

Gooseberry (random Rambling Thoughts)

Dear Translink

Itz OK.  You failed the people.  They will forget.  But why are we voting for 6 fucking months?

I vote we hire a different contractor.  Or a different executive.  42 more words

La censure scientifique fédérale/Federal scientific censorship

J’avais régulièrement mentionné la politique scientifique civile du gouvernement fédéral comme la raison de pourquoi je serai appelé à fréquenter une université étrangère pour mon doctorat ( 899 more words


"It's real - get over it"

So says ipolitics (pay wall), referring to the NDP surge that was confirmed this week by polls released by EKOS and by other groups. They go on to demonstrate that, while NDP numbers jumped dramatically with the recent Alberta provincial election results, the upsurge really began as early as February. 755 more words

Canadian Politics

Josh Duggar, Republican Logic, and Feminism

This is an early warning for you. This post is very much so fueled by emotion; anger, in particular.

As I am sure you’ve heard, Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame is being accused of molesting little kids. 1.158 more words


How Limiting Attack Ads Will Limit Legitimate Online Debate

(Above: Liberal Party debate demand letter to Consortium)

Attack ads suck!  I will be the first to admit that.  I despise the discourse around politics these days, as many Canadians do.  806 more words

Federal Politics