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Trudeau's Apology Falls 10 Feet Short

– a Lockeblog exclusive –

By Jack Locke

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to one person he insulted at his January 17 Sherbrooke townhall meeting, he has neglected to apologize to the other 5 people he treated rudely. 410 more words


The Trump Mentality

What began as a disagreement over the size of President Trump’s inaugural crowd has given rise to a literal rebellion of civil servants and an entire subculture on Twitter dedicated to ‘calling out’ his administration. 1.045 more words


And the Award for Biggest SJW Goes To...

I play Mr. Mom on the weekends while my wife is at work. She only works weekends, and since I got laid off from my 9-t0-5 job last year, it’s become an important source of income. 782 more words

Liberals, Why Can “Transgender” Men Beat Up On Women?

Remember when it was frowned upon for a boy to beat up on a girl? There was a time when a girl was looked at as the fairer sex, and a man should not lay their hand upon them. 884 more words


GOP Deserved this Win after Putting up with Obama

The 2016 race for the white house was a pivotal election with 45 taking the biggest electoral college victory since, well, this election! In addition the President would have taken a sweeping popular vote victory if it wasn’t for ill eagles voting illegally. 236 more words


On Being an Example

We’ve all had those “talks” with our parents where they tell us to have a good attitude and be kind to others even when we don’t want to. 459 more words