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Power And Force

I was out of town when the Charlottesville events happened last week. I have been spending some time processing what has happened, and I have something to say. 509 more words


What's in a Name?

Last night ESPN confirmed that they had moved their scheduled play-by-play announcer from the University of Virginia’s opening home football game against William and Mary. The announcer is Asian-American Robert Lee. 335 more words


Stand and Shout: On Calling in & Calling Out

Strategic Suggestions for the Progressive Movement

So I’m strolling through my Twittersphere and I see this white-passing dude’s thread on “the culture of calling people out” developing in my little Mormon college town. 1.706 more words

Call Out

Slavery or States Rights?

It was all about Slavery
I am the most liberal person on the planet. Or so I’m told at least. In an attack by someone I thought was my friend, a friend with potential, perhaps not so much. 363 more words


I am not a history buff. Read that as a confession, not an assertion. I am not proud of this. If I have learned one thing as of late, it is the importance of knowing history. 1.783 more words

Gay Marriage Explained (Poorly)

You can watch the original video here.

So this is one of the few anti-gay marriage videos out there that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single formal response to, so that’s what I am doing now!  3.815 more words


Open-minded liberal Dave Rubin talks to moderate conservative Larry Edler

My friend Kris found this and she sent it to me. I watched both parts, and found a PragerU video to go with. I liked the first part better than the second part. 475 more words