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Right v. Left

I grew up a Southern Baptist conservative. My first presidential vote was for Reagan. Then I voted Libertarian for a couple of cycles. I voted for Ross Perot when he ran, though in hindsight that was probably a bad idea. 290 more words


Brown While Working

I had a phenomenal week
I was having a phenomenal week
I mean
I am…I am
My vehicle just swerved a little
Skurt Skurt a little… 519 more words

Sean Hannity Combats Liberal Fascism Head On

It Wasn’t Enough to Take Down Bill O’Reilly

The libtard media morons at NBC News have moved on to the next Conservative heavyweight they intend to slander and have ousted from the airwaves, Sean Hannity! 551 more words

Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

I am not a girl of God, but LOOOORD do I need to confess.

I was raised Catholic, but over the years I’ve shed most of my religious traditions and beliefs. 959 more words


From Snowflakes to Blanket

I’m a little snowflake,

I drift about.


Looking for injustice,

hear me shout.


You label me as liberal,

and think me lame.


But I embrace your symbol, 42 more words

Selective Freedom - The Republican Way

It has been a few days and I am back with yet another hotly debated topic for everyone and that is a favorite of conservatives and a word they cannot seem to get enough of and that is FREEDOM. 1.539 more words


Manchester Elects: Jane Brophy

Next in line for a manifesto analysis is the Liberal Democrats’ Jane Brophy. Cllr Jane Brophy is, it won’t surprise you to know, a councillor. More specifically, she’s holds a bit of power in the Timperley Ward of Trafford Council. 425 more words