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Elizabeth Warren: No! Yes! Watch out!

Supporters of the Democratic Party who are not ardent supports of a Hillary presidency have called on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for POTUS. Rumors of Warren challenging the likely frontrunner for the democratic nomination (Hillary Clinton) have been rampant because of Warren’s progressive, populist agenda that immensely appeals to the liberal left. 560 more words



Hi! My name is Anusha Thotakura, I’m 16 years old and this is a blog where I will be posting about my take on current events and world affairs from my left-leaning perspective. 157 more words

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Should the Keynesian Consumption Function be Non-Linear?

To those that follow this blog, sorry for not posting anything lately. I have been busy with this project and several others.

Those familiar with the macroeconomic theory of John Maynard Keynes know that his consumption function is defined as follows: 1.000 more words


Church of Latter Day Clinton

I remember the first time I saw Hillary Clinton on television. She was standing next to President Bill Clinton at some event. I can’t remember if they were campaigning or if they were just visiting back home. 692 more words

Liberal Democrats

I have a friend that I never talk to outside of a friendly “like” on her kids’ pictures. Why? Because she’s a liberal democrat. Her philosophy is simple. 307 more words


America’s top labor union bosses raked in millions in 2014

By Jason Hart  /   April 20, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://watchdog.org/212919/union-bosses-2014/   

MAGGOTS? Laborers’ union president Terry O’Sullivan hates the Koch Brothers, and was paid $670,403 in worker dues last year… 1.110 more words