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Understanding Conservatism

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the divisions between Americans are wider now than they have been in decades.

As far as our attitudes towards each other go, we are all now either “good” or “evil.” 1.095 more words

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Oh yeah, it is time for a break from the mundane. But, not to worry, the author will return after spending some time drinking coffee and smoking a delicious menthol smoke (how this pisses off a liberal—gotta love it)! 15 more words

Liberal right is all bark, no bite on same-sex marriage

It’s time for Tony Abbott to recognise the hollowness of the Liberal right’s threats and to call their bluff on marriage equality.

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Thank-You Hobby Lobby...

…for keeping everything real!

Thank-you for informing the oblivious to what is obvious about our planet, our country, our individual state, and individual town. We are… 10 more words

Conservative View

Exibido o 1º Bikini pelo designer Louis Reard

5 de Julho 1946

Em 5 de Julho de 1946, o designer francês Louis Reard revela um ousado traje de banho de duas peças na piscina Molitor, uma popular piscina de Paris. 364 more words


Right or Left?

Sensitive folks, people often involved in the New Age or Spirituality, are often repelled by discussions of politics. That is understandable. Politics is often synonymous with hypocrisy and deceit. 84 more words

New Age

Here Lies Plutonium-239, Born 1958 - Died 25,658

May Plutonium-239 rest in peace, once it’s half-life of 24,000 years has passed. Only 23,943 years to go.

When the U.S. was done having a field day with nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands we just decided to bury everything in a questionably constructed earthen tomb (which was actually the crater left by a nuclear bomb). 81 more words

Human Rights