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EMINEM - 'Calm Before the Storm' Shade 45 Remix (Trump diss) UNCENSORED

This is a remix to a BET Chyper, in which the rapper literally destroys Trump and it got over 30 million views on Youtube in just 6 days. 36 more words

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Happy B-Day, EMINEM!

Happy Birthday to the greatest rapper ever, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka Slim Shady.
45 years today (10/17/1972)!

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Dimensions dan Visi Ekspansif Gerald Situmorang

Gerald Situmorang: Dimensions (2017)

Album Review & Interview by Dion Janapria

Sulit menemukan kualitas seniman yang begitu versatile, dengan mudahnya keluar dari kotak-kotak kategori definisi seperti yang saya temukan dalam sosok basis, gitaris, penulis lagu, … 1.678 more words



The kids are learning to play the violin next semester. They can rent one from school for 600 SEK/semester or… buy one around 1400SEK. We chose to rent one for the kid, since the kids grow in this age. 362 more words


The feeling of musik Kelly edwin

what is musik? actually you realize that every person has their own ways of understanding what musik really is. To me it is what makes one feel at ease, very relaxed to a tune that is being played using different set of sounds.Like in early days it still existed and people treasured musik that they performed and passed messages through it even behind cameras,performing in realism as the beats played. 132 more words


Heaven Upside Down 

Auf das neue Album von Marilyn Manson habe ich schon seit der Ankündigung letzten Winter sehnlichst gewartet. Nachdem der ursprüngliche Erscheinungstermin im Sommer ohne Ergebnis vorüber gestrichen ist, wurde ich nur noch ungeduldiger. 295 more words