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The Dream of Muslim Outreach Has Become a Nightmare

Affirming Muslim grievances has only increased the Arab world’s sense that Obama is weak.   When President Obama entered office, he dreamed tha…

Source: The Dream of Muslim Outreach Has Become a Nightmare


Police officer shot in Indianapolis

An Indianapolis Metro Police Department officer was shot during a traffic stop on Monday. An occupant of the vehicle seems to have fired at the officer, whose condition is still unknown. 201 more words

S. 1252 Global Food Security Act of 2016

S. 1252, sponsored by Sen. Bob Casey, became law on July 20th, 2016.



Just another E-Mail from the Real World...

A friend sent me this article,  and  I am  adding my  answer…I don’t have permission to print out the article in its entirety, but  you  can  look for it  at FP..it’s short and succinct… 337 more words

Three Ways the World Works

Fidel Castro received his education at the hands of Jesuits, having attended several schools run by that order. At the time of the Cuban Revolution, many Catholic priests in Latin America, including a number of Jesuits, were beginning to teach Liberation Theology. 1.746 more words