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Bill Gates to Fund Multi-Billion-Dollar War on Climate Change

(Reuters) – Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will launch a multi-billion-dollar clean energy research and development initiative with heads of state on Monday, the opening day of the U.N. 375 more words


It’s time to ask the question Is Obama a Muslim

“At the same time Obama is demanding we import dangerous Muslim refugees, he is sending back Iraqi Christians. He talks about compassion for Muslim refugees, but deports Christians. 6 more words


Notes From Underground: All My Words Come Back To Me

Sometimes world leaders and CEOs ramble and say things that reverberate for longer than intended. Two things in particular are echoing in the canyons of poorly thought-out ideas: President Barak Obama’s comparing the military potential of… 765 more words


Don't Push the red Button!

This time I started with a slightly modified clip from Doctor Who. Yes, I like the show, I like the Doctor. But this time I’m not going to talk about how I love the show; rather about the what my thoughts are on what’s been going on in the World and possibly yet another impending war. 1.278 more words


Black Friday sales 10% less than last year

. . . even after factoring in an increase in online sales.

“Black Friday” got its name because traditionally, that day is the busiest shopping day of the year, enabling U.S. 220 more words


President Obama’s Hypocrisy on Syria - The New York Times

I did not write any of the following, but I sure agree with it. This president is a political animal and nothing more. His leadership, decision-making and negotiating skills are non-existent which is perhaps why he was an academic and never held a real job. 363 more words