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Advance Wars Has A Successor..Sort Of

Many of us remember the amount of hours we sunk into Intelligent Systems’s mini war simulator ‘Advance Wars’. I still remember playing Advance Wars 2… 177 more words


Dark Souls II: FInal Fantasy Edition (Part 8)

You thought it was over didn’t you?

Ed, Spoon, and Mills embark on their most ambitious quest yet!
Taking the roles of Dragoon, Paladin and Ninja, respectively, the Broskis must defeat their greatest foe… The Plot! 156 more words


The Best Controller for PC Gaming

A neat article provided by PC Gamer that goes over the pros and cons of different controllers, and how they fair with PC gaming. Check it out here


Wallet Crusaders: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Prepare yourself for a history lesson. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday brings you to the streets of late 1970’s Iran through the eyes of photographer Reza Shirazi as he returns to find his hometown consumed in a fervent political uprising. 615 more words

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Street Fighter V Urien Bairs All

Street Fighter V has Urien and many fans have one thing on their minds. How go we get his old custom. Well to get Urine in his old speedo is a simple old trick that old gamers will love. 94 more words


Blazblue Central Fiction November Release

Blazblue Central Fiction now has a North America release date. The latest installment of the series and end to Ranga story will be coming out in November. 43 more words