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Full Review: Her Story

I recently picked up a game on Steam that I was blown away by. I knew very little about it besides the 10 or 15 minutes of gameplay I’d seen before deciding I wanted to purchase it. 810 more words

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Poly Bridge Early Access Impressions

If someone approached you and offered you the opportunity to build bridges for a living only two reactions would likely follow; a raucous and unabashed stream of laughter or an evolutionary desire to turn down the venture because it sounds too much like hard work. 1.317 more words


Release Date Revealed for New King's Quest

The first chapter in the King’s Quest reboot has a release date, and the full bundle is now available for pre-order. via IGN PC http://ift.tt/1CH4RHn


DLCman: Arkham Knight

Six years ago developers Rocksteady Studios redefined the superhero videogame genre, with their action-adventure Batman: Arkham Asylum. Borrowing a majority of the voice actors from the critically-acclaimed cartoon series of the 90s, and key writers such as Paul Dini, Rocksteady Studios provided fans with a Batman game to be proud of. 1.242 more words


UX Design Tools: Axure - Adaptive Web Design

The final stage of development in UX Design Tools: Axure is Adaptive Web Design. This section covers What are adaptive views?, Setting up adaptive views, Adjusting for different sizes, Making revisions without wreaking havoc and  Use adaptive views on your own. 


Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Extended E3 Demo

Get a look at the behind-closed-doors E3 demo of the brand-new Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion pack. via IGN PC http://ift.tt/1U4ikUI