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America Is Godless, Morally Corrupt: Vladimir Putin

This is a great reminder to all liberals out there that have orgasms just hearing the word ‘Putin’. He is a man after all. Love him or hate him, I don’t care, but you must know his game, and how he thinks.

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Political Science

... a thousand words?

I was reading an article that tells how much a picture can attract our attention. The inclusion of a single image can increase the likelihood of someone stopping to read an article, sharing it or, indeed, making it go viral. 970 more words


Hillary Press Suffer Worst Humiliation Yet, No Dignity Left

NEW HAMPSHIRE (The Barbed Wire) – Proving once and for all, if there were any doubt to begin with, that the media have no dignity left at all, they allowed themselves to be “wrangled” by the Hillary Clinton campaign today. 467 more words


The Usual Suspects - California "knock out" Attack - Navy Veteran Victim...

 CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill has stated repeatedly, these attacks are myths… See this former U.S.A Today article

San Diego, CA – Authorities on Wednesday circulated surveillance camera images of a youth sought for beating up a 52-year-old man at a La Mesa transit depot. 107 more words

No, Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t The Biggest Issue By A Long Shot

By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Employment Minister Eric Abetz have accused the media of pushing the same-sex marriage bandwagon. … 249 more words

Public Opinion

Some call it 'marijuana'..

I wrote a post a while ago, about the numerous names that the ‘demon weed’ goes by. The most common is probably ‘Marijuana’. BUT the actually name for this plant/drug is CANNABIS. 442 more words

Macy's Customer? - Another Four Time Deported Illegal Alien Beats Wife To Death With Hammer...

Alternate headline:  Donald Trump Right Again !!

TEXAS – Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that a man who confessed to murdering his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas is a four-time deported illegal immigrant who would not have been in the U.S. 224 more words