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The many faces of storytelling

The Illusionist

Sleight of hand. Distraction. Misdirection. Drawing attention to what’s hidden in plain sight. In fiction, we call these plot twists or hidden depths, but the mentality is the same. 1.354 more words


Don’t Believe that Russia is Actively Supporting a Trump Presidency? Follow Russia’s Trolls and Propagandists (Part 1)

Many Donald Trump supporters have refused to accept the fact that the Kremlin, or that Russia as a whole, is actively supporting their candidate’s presidential bid. 1.356 more words


More Globalist Fail - Scotland Poll Majority Wish To Stay in United Kingdom and Out of EU...

After the Brexit vote, the immediate and continual cries from the failed globalists within the ‘Remain’ camp exploited a narrative of Scotland who had a majority vote to stay in the EU. 406 more words

Ann Coulter and Paul Nehlen Campaign Event Saturday August 6th...

Author, columnist and conservative pundit Ann Coulter is teaming up with Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin (CD-1) for a primary election campaign event to unseat Rep Paul Ryan. 40 more words

Propaganda and the sinking of the Lusitania

They say that journalism is the first draft of history. Where military history is concerned, propaganda is the first draft of history.

This is especially true of the Great War. 555 more words

Military History