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Reuters Tweet Calls Phoenix Anti-Trump Protesters 'Peace Activists'

By Tom Blumer ~

Wednesday morning at 12:05 a.m. Eastern Time (9:05 p.m. Tuesday Phoenix time), Reuters tweeted a photo with the following description: “ 620 more words

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The Very Strange Indictment Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Scammers

By Andrew C McCarthy ~

Let’s say you’re a prosecutor in Washington. You are investigating a husband and wife, naturalized Americans, who you believe have scammed a federal credit union out of nearly $300,000. 1.830 more words

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How Can The Media Be Used?

Back in the early years of the 20th century there was an Italian socialist named Antonio Gramsci, who spent most of his adult life in prison as a political dissident, his main concern was that the younger mass media would be used by a government to control the population and drive the paradigm. 143 more words


Thank You Mr. President

Although I am old and the bladder isn’t what it use to be, watching the Phoenix, Arizona rally live was worth it.  Seeing the Fake News outlets implode after was absolutely hysterical. 449 more words


White House expected to inform Pentagon on guidelines for not allowing Transgenders in the service

Within the next few days, the White House is expected to inform the Pentagon on how to implement a ban on transgender people in the military. 105 more words

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Scientist Roy Spencer Fact-Checks Al Gore

By Andrew Bolt ~

Climate scientist Roy Spencer is tackling Al Gore’s latest bull:

Al Gore has provided a target-rich environment of deceptions in his new movie.

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President Trump Hints At Timing of "Big Ugly" - Everyone, Except McConnell/Ryan, Misses The Signal Flare...

Prior to last nights intensely enjoyable MAGA rally in Phoenix Arizona CTH was wondering if President Trump would trigger “The Big Ugly“; the looming and necessary battle with the professional republican DC apparatus. 982 more words