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Forest, Meet Trees

What a damned bunch of hypocrites!

Whenever I read an article which describes a conflict between a branch of religion and the public at large, I’m often struck by the hypocrisy shown. 368 more words


Provoking Nuclear War by Media by John Pilger

Dandelion Salad

by John Pilger
August 23, 2016

The exoneration of a man accused of the worst of crimes, genocide, made no headlines. Neither the BBC nor CNN covered it. 2.527 more words


New Submarines For Australia - Huge Secret Document Leak

By Andrew Bolt ~

So, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull led Australian Government’s  new submarines are not just overpriced, delayed and built by an unreliable ally… 292 more words

Public Opinion

Russia Accused Of War Crimes

Syrian Network for Human Rights accuses Russia of “war crimes”.

That is a damning official accusation.

Russia, however, has managed to kill more civilians in less than one year, than ISIS has killed in three years.   343 more words


Questioning Hillary’s Health is Not Conspiracy Theory

Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

The author of this should Google "Operation Northwoods", "Operation Mockingbird" and "Project MKUltra." https://t.co/i9fWsBUo4P

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) August 23, 2016…

404 more words
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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm by George Orwell



One Line Summary

Animals teach you about the power of social conditioning

The Setup

If you’ve been forced to sit through Literature class in any western school, you’ve probably heard of or had to read… 922 more words

Book Review

Meet the group trying to take down North Korea with USB sticks

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

A human rights organization is trying to influence people living in one of the most closed societies in the world, with nothing more than USB sticks. 798 more words