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Aviation related Soviet propaganda

I admit, I have no clue what they mean, but these Soviet propaganda posters look so cool! From fighters and flying propaganda machines to space rockets. 38 more words


Solar Panel Companies Deceive Homeowners

“Free” solar may end up costing thousands

By Larry Bell ~

Last December Rep. Paul Gosar (R, AZ), a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, along with 11 other House members, sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission warning that the new solar-leasing market industry has engaged in “deceptive marketing strategies” to sucker unsuspecting homeowners into misleading zero-money-down teaser loan deals. 782 more words

Public Opinion

Index of Russian propaganda efficiency

An interesting thing found yesterday in the To Inform is to Influence blog.

Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) has recently conducted a nation-wide opinion poll. 75 more words


Epic TV - MSNBC Ed Schultz Gets Intellectually Pummeled By Heritage Foundation Guest....

What happens when liberals are losing an argument based on facts?

Watch and see:

Ryan Anderson noted that in fact, and in legal reality, the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court ruled the federal RFRA does apply to corporations. 146 more words

Rotten to the Common Core?: On the Subject of Education Standards, Arne Duncan, “White Suburban Moms”…and Bad*ss Teachers

By Elaine Magliaro

After reading Mike Spindell’s column Fake Colleges and Lousy Student Loan Programs today, I thought I’d post an article about Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Common Core that I wrote back in November of 2013 for… 3.475 more words

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