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Turkish video released praising Ukrainian military

A new Information War is springing up between Russia vs Ukraine and Georgia.

Did Russia just compound their problems?

How much of these videos are truthful, how much is propaganda? 284 more words


Longest Win Streak and Longest Lose Streak: The Absurdity of Rigged Sports

I think this is my favourite sports actor quote ever. And get a load of the numbers: SIXTEEN =33 and the 71-72 season was 44 years ago. 155 more words


Timisoara - Beissvorfall

Das sagt die Yellow Press:


Am heutigen Samstag morgen wurde ein Urologe, der seinen Wagen in der nähe des Taxiplatzes verlassen hatte, um zur Arbeit zu gehen, nahe dem Zeitungsstand von einem der beiden auf dem Gelände durch einen Zeitungsverkäufer gefütterten Hund gebissen, nur Millimeter neben einer Arterie am Knie. 260 more words

At Primary school


this poem by a prescient teacher. She was brilliant with kids, very wise, older than ancient and is by now long dead. 72 more words


Belgian Journalist: "Each War Is Preceded By A Big Media Lie" (13 MIN)

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya…and maybe Syria too. This investigative journalist points out some important similarities.

Source: Journalist: “Each War Is Preceded By A Big Media Lie” 601 more words


The Plan for ISIL (and how your hate is helping them)

The Islamic State can be very sneaky and tactical when it comes to propaganda and the viewing of their image… I’ll keep this short.

First, they appeal to potential ‘believers’, harnessing their powers of illusion to persuade people to join their cause and to make them think that they are doing the right thing. 334 more words


The Death of Context

We all love a good death don’t we. The Death of Reason, The Death of Jesse James, The Death of Pop, The Death of Death Metal? 525 more words