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10 Key Ways to Break the Mass Delusion Machine

By Stella Morabito / August 27, 2015 / The Federalist

Here’s how to resist the Left’s culture control, one conversation at a time.

Perception is everything. 2.265 more words


Stunning Iowa Caucus Poll - Trump Leads, Carson 2nd - Bernie Sanders Closes In On Hillary... (Full Poll pdf Included)

A stunning new Iowa caucus poll holds some very interesting information.  Bernie Sanders (30%) has closed in on Hillary (37%).  Donald Trump leads republicans with 23%, Carson comes in 2nd with 18%, and Jeb Bush drops to 6%. 64 more words

Media Bias

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Graham, Christie, Perry, Pataki, Santorum and kasich should drop out and narrow the field down to under 10 and see where the number go. What I would like to see is the race narrowed down to Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio and Walker.

The Chip is Coming

 James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

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In his 2013 book The Grand Deception, Mujahid Kamran describes some of the workings of what Churchill called the “High Cabal” that, unseen, … 616 more words


Jeb Bush Ground Campaign Collapses - Campaign Fundraisers Quit - Super-PACs Bush's Only Hope....

This is an open request for an investigative MSM reporter to engage in some fact finding. I believe you will find the biggest story of the campaign season within Jeb’s campaign finance manipulation – if you do a little ground work. 1.324 more words

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Very interesting analysis, I would add that the RNC does not want to win the presidency other wise why run a weak candidate. One could make a case that the DNC and The RNC are working together to maintain a divided government so the changes that have made ca not be reversed. Running Bush makes it likely the conservatives will not vote and that means the weak DNC candidate Hillary might win.

Putin’s Magnificent Messaging Machine

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Clear.  Factual. Powerful.

This is the truth about RT.

By pretending to be real news, RT is much better than your grandfather’s Soviet propaganda. 1.669 more words


From Flickr: "Ode to Socialism-- Culture and education develop vigorously ..." by chineseposters.net

Designer: Central Industrial Arts College (中央工艺美术院)
1989, December
Ode to Socialism– Culture and education develop vigorously-One hundred years of great planning bring heaps of great achievement… 28 more words

UPDATE: Texas Cop Killer Arrested "SHANNON J MILES" - Harris County Officials Looking For Activist Type Shooter - Questioning Person of Interest...

– (UPDATE 5:45pm EST) Suspect arrested is named as:

Shannon J Miles (DOB 09/15/84)  The weapon (handgun) has been recovered and initial ballistics match.  Shannon J Miles has a previous arrest record to include weapons charges. 653 more words