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ALEPPO, SYRIA: Remember Benghazi Before You Buy the Latest Propaganda...

And just when you thought the situation in Syria was entering into a period of peace, negotiation and reconciliation, and that the propaganda and deception might die down for a while. 861 more words

Russian TV's coverage of Odessa clashes

By Stephen Ennis

Russian state TV’s coverage marking the anniversary of the deaths of 48 people in violent clashes in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa gave viewers the impression that pro-Moscow activists were victims of unprovoked violence by people it portrayed as bloodthirsty and pitiless “Nazis”. 1.041 more words


5 Unusual Forms of Propaganda by Governments

5. Comic Books and Cartoons

The comic book industry were and is full of propaganda. Before World War II, comic books were starting to get famous with the people that the United States Information Office saw a way to influence the American minds. 852 more words


Celebration of the Art of May Day

Growing up in North America, I first learned about May Day from pictures of Soviet military parades in my history books. I knew it was a Soviet national holiday but had no idea why until I learned about the Haymarket massacre and the strikes for the eight-hour day, which significant changed its meaning for me. 780 more words


Confirmed: Kiselev bought an apartment for $ 4.5 million

Where did Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov get $4.5 million for an apartment?  Dmitry, did you forget to get involved with Panama or did you play somewhere else? 369 more words


Andrea Shea King: "About Glenn Beck"...

Andrea Shea King responds to ~THIS VIDEO~ posted by Glenn Beck about the downward spiral of his media enterprise.

==> READ Andrea’s Outline HERE  … 46 more words

Drones: Russia’s Hot New Propaganda Tool

Adam Saxton

April 29, 2016

Russia is beginning to up the ante with drones, and not in the way you may think. Shortly after Syrian forces retook Palmyra aided by Russian air power, Russian television stations aired… 1.003 more words