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Imran Ibn Mansur thinks life is a test

Imran Ibn Mansur (Or Dawah Man on the internets) released this video as part of Naseeha Sessions explaining that the purpose of this life is for Allah to test us. 1.417 more words


The Quran...

“ This is why reading the Quran purifies the heart.  You remember the prophets words and their states. Their forms unite with your spirit; they become your comrades and sit with you.   44 more words

Green Islam

If you enter a Mosque today, and sat down to attend a lecture you would find that there is no shortage of lectures on the life of the Prophet, his family, companions, the importance of prayer, the “evils” of western culture, and many other theological or historical topics. 596 more words


Horrific Effects of Zina(Adultery,fornication)

Man’s Burden Made Light 
God wants to lighten your burdens; for man has been created weak.” (Al-Qur’an 4: 28)

Within the area addressed by the preceding verses and regulated by the directives and legal provisions they contain, the Divine wish to lighten man’s burden is clearly apparent. 959 more words


Translation Of The Holy Qur’an 50:31

And Paradise will be brought near to the Muttaqoun (the pious), not far off. 8 more words

Religion - Spirtituality

Beware Islamist doctrine

They have one goal – total domination of the world.

The English translation of the Noble Quran

When you start reading the Quran and listening to it with meaning, you immerse yourself in a whole new place and you start looking at the world and everything in it differently and intelligently, opening doors of knowledge you never even knew existed. 488 more words