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Day Four: The Month of QURAN, Not Fasting

The purpose of fasting and the purpose of Ramadan are different. The purpose of fasting is to develop taqwa. The purpose of Ramadan is to get closer to the Quran. 406 more words


Ink of the Oceans

This morning we recited Surah Luqman and did some tadabbur. My husband picked a verse (31:27) and when we went through the meaning, I was like; “Eh, why do I feel like we’ve come across this verse before?”. 256 more words


Roots of “JIHAD” Part II

In order to understand, kindly continue reading from the previous post:
Roots of “JIHAD” Part I

When Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. received the previous verses of The Qur’an (22:38-41), he was 54 years old. 2.633 more words



Date: Wednesday, April 26 2017

Today didn’t go according to plan.

I was so excited! Today, M was going to take me to that spot in Antalya. 498 more words


Amazing Quran Recitation - Surah Al-Infitar

This verse will make your heart tremble as it lays out all the images of the Day of Judgment before your eyes. Listen and reflect about the words Allah is telling us. 45 more words