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Contemporary Issues: Is the Qur'an A Good Book? - Dr. Joseph Lumbard

‘A common question that is both basic yet extremely profound – posed by many critics of the Islamic tradition is whether or not the Qur’an is a good book. 41 more words


Is the Original Qur'an Preserved? - Dr Joseph Lumbard

‘Orientalist scholarship since the 19th century has proposed various theories that seek to disqualify the Muslim narrative on the authenticity of the Qur’anic compilation and the preservation of the text. 38 more words


Question Of Prophets Committing A Sin?

Dr. Shaykh Abdul-Rahmaan al-Luwaihiq

The question of the Prophets committing any type of sin is a controversial issue. Many scholars prefer to avoid it as there is not much clear evidence for either view. 295 more words


Qur'an 12: Mary & a talking newborn

I’m a British humanist reading The Qur’an (Tarif Khalidi’s translation) and blogging about it as I go. I’m doing my best not to make assumptions, apart from assuming it was written – not necessarily in the order given – by a man (or men) in Arabia in the 7th century. 980 more words

Reading The Qur'an

Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Lecturer in Islamic Studies – 55436

University of Birmingham

Application deadline: 29th June 2016

Job Summary

The University of Birmingham wishes to appoint a Lecturer in Islamic Studies. 126 more words


Catalina's Laurel Scroll

At Chieftains in Three Rivers, my friend Mistress Elianor begged the boon for her apprentice Countess Catalina de Arazuri to be admitted to the Order of the Laurel.  417 more words