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Tony Abbot

At last a leader who is prepared to speak the truth. Tony Abbott, the PM of Australia, has been accused of “aggressive rhetoric against Muslims”. 196 more words


The number of

The number of repitition of some words in quran , some related words are surprisingly repeated the same number of times .

For example , … 150 more words

Are Your Dreams BIG Enough?

Published on Productive Muslim
Feb 25th, 2015
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Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Surat Al Kahf Series- Part Four
The Finale… 1.550 more words


Scholars contradicting themselves

Ok, so apparently other than the fact Muslim men only use their subhuman views of women to prevent them from marrying men from other Abrahamic religion sects due to “obedience” (ahem, any obedience other than to Allah is called idoltary, paganism or shirk, aka the biggest sin you can ever do and the definite sin that’ll land you in hell without repentance), the other bs argument muslim (obv male) scholars like to use is “children follow the religion of the father”. 377 more words


Qu'ran 101

~ The Qu’ran: An Introduction ~

The Qu’ran is a special book. It is believed to have been revealed directly to Prophet Muhammad by God Himself in Arabic. 870 more words


A Quick Comparison of Three Religious Traditions

Let’s quickly consider three religious traditions: Islam, the central Asian traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism) and Christianity.  The context of this comparison is how the three faiths approach what is sometimes called “natural law.” 589 more words

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