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Congregational Tahajjud Salah in Ramadan

This detailed document in Arabic explores the issue of congregational Tahajjud Salah in Ramadan and concludes that it is permissible. A summary of the article in Urdu is also included within the document. 18 more words


We learned the Qur’an

Abu Abdur Rahman said:

“We learned the Qur’an from some people who told us that they used to memorise ten verses of the Qur’an and never exceeded them, until they had understood their meaning and acted upon them; however, other people would come after them and would learn the whole Qur’an easily but they would never act upon it.”

Quran / Hadeeth


Waktu, penuh misteri. Siapa sangka ketika pada menit ini kita masih berbincang dengan kawan dan 30 menit kemudian, dia sudah tiada.

Siapa yang bisa menebak waktu ke depan, apa yang akan terjadi dengan kita. 553 more words


The Manners of Reciting The Qur’aan and Related Issues

  1. Strive To Be Sincere When You Learn And Recite The Qur’aan

An-Nawawee explained that one who recites the Qur’aan is first and foremost commanded to be sincere in his recitation, to seek Allah’s countenance, and not to intend the achievement of any other goal. 3.204 more words