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Matt LeBlanc In 'Top Gear' Driver's Seat With Two-Season Hosting Deal

The BBC has confirmed that Matt LeBlanc will return to host Top Gear under a two-season deal. The first will air next year. LeBlanc co-fronted the most recent season of the flagship BBC Two motoring show with Chris Evans who… 284 more words

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Survivors Ready?

I both love and loathe Australian Survivor.

I only manage to watch about one in three episodes, because really Channel 10, who wants to watch the same formulaic plot three nights in a row. 307 more words

The Worst Realization

SPOILER ALERT: If you love reality TV then this may not be the post for you.

I had a horrible realization about some of my favorite TV shows this week. 589 more words

20something Life

Let me guess...you have a great personality....

Boy meets girl, girl does not like him because he is in the friend zone, boy enlists the help of his other girl-friend to make him over, which includes adding hair gel, taking his glasses off and making him dress the same way he did before but different, with a splash of color, Then aforementioned girl falls in love with boy, but boy is in love with his longtime friend… 516 more words

Plastic Surgery


The good news is that the merge is here. The bad news is that we are stuck with a tribe for of idiots.

As excited as I was to see the merge, I’m going to have to confess I found myself rolling my eyes at least once every five minutes. 685 more words

"Bachelor In Paradise" Season 3 Finale Reaction and a Jen Saviano Appreciation

Yes, the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale aired eons ago. I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it because 1) I had other stuff going on, and 2) I didn’t really give a shit. 698 more words