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Solaris (1961) by Stanislaw Lem

Somehow, somewhere in my readings, I mistakenly picked up on the idea that Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker (1937) and 1961’s Solaris by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem (whose name is the worst kind of tongue twister*) are novels of similar substance. 1.029 more words

Science Fiction

2.21: SFC Wagner

Date: Tuesday 5 August 1156Z
Location: Outpost FG-9, California (-0800 Local)

She awoke, knowing that she had been dreaming.

But the memory of it was wispy and fading, nonsensical. 564 more words

Science Fiction

2.20: CPL Lansing

Date: Tuesday 5 February 2041 0025Z
Location: Outpost FG-9, California (-0800 Local)

My fucking gods!

Wagner entered the Troop Leader’s Room, completely naked with towel in hand. 622 more words

Science Fiction

2.19: HH Reverend Marshall

Date: Monday 4 February 2041 2320Z
Location: Marshall Estate, Kentucky (-0500 Local)

I have lost my battles.

It was a personal admission he’d never say out loud. 898 more words

Science Fiction

Sol, Seat of the Empire (Lore)

“Today, I was informed that some of citizens in the outer reaches of the Empire don’t know some of the basic history of the very Empire they live in. 242 more words

Alethea McGrath, RIP

Rest in peace to a favorite librarian for Star Wars fans.  Alethea McGrath (1918 – Feb. 10, 2016), who played the role of Jocasta Nu in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”.

Mr. E., Better Cuts, Cntd.

Hans paid big money for this treatment to make him look more bookish and intellectual. He didn’t really need the help of interior decorating to convey that message anyways when the German red head with glasses dressed in oxfords, socks that met the knickers at the knee, suspenders, dress shirt, paisley bowtie, and even cufflinks. 389 more words