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midnight sun

you shine divine light on me
and I’m grateful
inside the box is accumulative
there is no better way
to spend an evening
than sitting in the sun… 67 more words


Democratization of Choice? Can't Think of a Catchy Title

– By Gitabushi

We are in a very weird time, politically speaking.

The Left is moving farther and farther Left. They seem to feel encouraged by their victories in matters like Same Sex Marriage, Govt-funded health care and successful use of the Overton Window to protect their preferred politicians. 851 more words

Starr lost by Kim Briggs ( starr fall #2)

Still on the run from the organization; Things are getting more intense now, Starr is determined to get revenge from the organization, and when Starr Bishops wants something, she gets it ! 366 more words


15: Who Part 2


I hated school for a while- which is quite understandable when I was told more often that I was a distraction than that I was clever. 381 more words

Black Box: A Short Story in 5 Parts

Part II: A Good (Fake) Cry at the Airport

Image by Carl Nenzén Lovén on flickr

When Toni finally reached an eerily vacant Narita Airport Terminal 1, the International Terminal, where pieces of Boken Flight 621’s cockpit—miraculously, the only section to reportedly suffer significant damage in the crash—were still being catalogued, the code-talking man was waiting for her. 1.197 more words

Episode 2.7 Drink or Drive

It took Braevel several days to concoct the anti-drug. Or at least he hoped he had done it. In that time the lump on Andross’ head had subsided. 1.090 more words

Episode 2.6 Wool

Shaak-Rom moved quickly through the massive seed ship. The less Vaken Rae and his men could take in, the better. They climbed the final cat-walk stair and Shaak-Rom strode down the hall to the communications alcove. 1.252 more words