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A darkness within (Friday Fictioneers)

Something sharp poked my arm. Rolling over on the once buoyant mattress I groaned when all I felt were stones. Camping! Who on earth would think I would enjoy this? 118 more words

Snap Shot

Novel Completed!

Apologies for the late post!

I, the author of my life’s work for which you are all here for, have been somewhat busy with traveling around the Pacific and being home with family and into my own shell. 175 more words


Check your Brain at the Door

Those of you that know me know that I watch very little television.  If you want someone to tell you what to believe, look at the news.  1.214 more words


Episode 7 of Supremacy: Reformation Now Available!

Supremacy: Reformation continues with the next episode! Get it now!


The gods have long since been defeated, leaving their creation to survive without guidance. Holding fast to their final commands, two brothers now struggle to unite the last of the ancient Orders. 119 more words


Objective Judgment of Art

  • By Gitabushi

tl,dr: The use of Tropes may be the key to being a successful author.  There is a fine line between playing it so safe you lose your audience to boredom, and forging so far afield that you leave your audience behind.   853 more words


Want to Review A Short Story?

If you would like to leave us a really nice review on our short story His Name Was Edgar Quimby, you have two places to do so. 222 more words


“Zodiac” by Romina Russell

2/5 Stars

Even though I don’t necessarily believe in the Zodiac, I love reading about it. This book is set in a futuristic scene, where the 12 houses have tense relationships. 308 more words

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