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Time to Remember Part 2

   Her eyes didn’t hold anything in their far off gaze. Didn’t blink even when the shadow of Arch’s hand interrupted the photons of light.

  A change in expression preceded her eventual message, “I’m here.” Esther went back to the table where the steam rose from her red bowl of chicken noodle. 199 more words

Odds and Ends

Presenting the Cleve and Steve Show!

Today marks the inaugural episode of this exciting new YouTube extravaganza from authors, extraordinaire Cleve Sylcox and Steven Thomas. 152 more words

Where Have I Been Lately?

That’s a real good question to ask. Not to say, that you, the reader of this blog entry asked this question but rather, I’ve been away from this blog for some time. 763 more words


Classic Review: THE DALEKS

Terry Nation’s invention of the Daleks is one key moment of genius that has shaped Doctor Who and help it survive for over half a century. 739 more words

Doctor Who

[SHA] 20 zombie encounters [MF]

Hi again!

I am back with 20 new encounters, and this time the dead shall serve me… and you… but not your players… 203 more words