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First ‘Bright’ Trailer: Will Smith Is a Cop Wielding a Sword in David Ayer’s Netflix Movie!! Check It Out!!

In the midst of the weirdest Oscars ceremony in recent history, Netflix dropped its first teaser trailer for Bright, a sci-fi mash-up movie directed by  289 more words


The Scorpion-3 Is the World's First Manned Hoverbike

(Source: www.popularmechanics.com)

Famous sci-fi props, like the flying DeLorean or a scout trooper speeder, are undeniably cool. Unfortunately, their real-world counterparts are often much less so. 147 more words


PC Koshinbun: Castalia House and the PulpRev scene are bustling!

Jeffro’s been doing Sensor Sweeps for a while now, and I highly recommend checking them out from time to time for some good highlights of what’s been going on with the pulp/classic SFF crowd and some tabletop gaming commentary. 998 more words


Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

KRAKA-THOOM K’BOOM!  Lightning streaks across the sky.  In a stark flash, that single bolt highlights our dire straits:  My loyal 10 lb. terrier Bitefighter and I have been stranded in a small dinghy at sea, and we’ve been accosted by a gang of kraken-mounted accountants.   224 more words


The Host and The Slave

Jenson took the last drag from his cigarette before cryosleep. He flicked off the non-necessary systems one by one on the dash of his small vessel with one hand. 1.775 more words


The Jingle: Part 3


Five o’clock and all’s hell.

The Ice Cream Man cometh.

He sat in his car, an old Honda Civic from beyond the grave, and watched. 2.353 more words