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Part 8

A couple days had passed and the majority of the Guard were meeting for a training session. In the days between the occupants of the base, along with Aamil who had spent most his summer there, worked with the hub gathering details on the case they had been developing. 1.355 more words


Book Review: Theology of Battlestar Galactica: American Christianity in the 2004-2009 Television Series by Wetmore, Kevin J., Reviewed by Phil Kaveny

Theology of _Battlestar Galactica: American Christianity in the
2004-2009 Television Series_ by Wetmore, Kevin J., Jr. ISBN13: 9780786465507
ISBN10:0786465506 Format: Paperback Pub. Date:6/1/2012 Publisher:
McFarland Publications Box 611Jefferson NC 28640 PubList Price: $40.00… 793 more words


Heroes and Villains: Why They Both Annoy Me!

Dr. Polaris: You gonna wash your hands?

Flash (in Lex Luthor’s body): No! ‘Cause I’m evil.

– Justice League Unlimited, “The Great Brain Robbery” 647 more words


Bringing Your Characters To life Through Art

What if, the character or characters, creatures and aliens you create could be seen? What would they look like!

Well, thanks to an extremely talented artist, who I discovered while reading his, and his partners epic blog, is doing just that. 244 more words


Lock In by John Scalzi

After a long period of time, I finally picked up another Sci-Fi book! When I first discovered my love of reading, sic-fi was my go-to genre. 297 more words

Book Reviews

'The Chrysalids'

Author: John Wyndham

Published: 1955

‘The Chrysalids’ tells the story of a society where anyone with a deformity is ruthlessly discriminated against on the grounds that they are defying God’s desired ‘True Image’. 422 more words


The Legacy of James Horner: No. 4 "Krull - Main Title"

If you have ever seen Krull (I’ve only managed to make it through half of it), you may have noticed how confused, haphazard, and completely confusing it is. 336 more words