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Finally got to watch Interstellar the other day.

What can I say? It was…. pretty good.

Technically, it was a fucking masterwork. Christopher Nolan went for it from a design and world-building standpoint and knocked it out of the park. 217 more words

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Story A Day May #6

Today you get a little more of Something Bad. I apologize for the shortness of it. I had planned for today’s entry to be a bit longer, but it’s been a busy day of life getting in the way. 876 more words


Star Wars

I am so incredibly jealous of the people who haven’t seen Star Wars. They have the opportunity to sit down and watch the movies from start to finish (yes, from… 809 more words


Five Fingers

It started about ten years ago. Suddenly, all around the world, babies with an extra finger on their right hand were being born. Slowly, people who had been born over 30, even 95 years ago, would wake up one fine day and find themselves with an extra finger. 583 more words


Nephthys: Childhood Memory

Osiris drew back the string of the bow and trained it at a palm tree as a bolt of light formed from between his draw fingers across to the belly of the bow. 794 more words



Crimson stomped up the grated catwalk to the bridge, her robotic foot clanking heavily. Andross’ summons had crackled over the intercom only moments before the… 1.388 more words

Humanoid homework

Seven thoughts deep
Eight thoughts wide

No, that’s not a square thought