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C. J. Cherryh - Cassandra (1978)

C. J. Cherryh‘s Hugo Award-winning short story Cassandra was first published by Fantasy and Science Fiction in October 1978. I listened to this on… 51 more words

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Falling Fire (Aerials)

Falling Fire (Aerials)

Part 8 of Aerials

(Picks up where Live & Die in Starlight left off.
If you missed a part, find it here on its… 1.106 more words


Thank You, Recent Echo Purchasers!!!

Before my 600 words per day, what’s the first thing?  Gratitudes!!!  Big Thank You to the five who bought a copy of Echo yesterday!!!  Three volume 1s, two volume 2s, AND…555 Kindle Unlimited pages read!   73 more words


Modern Series Marathon - Series 2 - Episodes 8-10


Last year this two parter was ranked 28th in an all time best story list for Doctor Who. While I think it’s a solid story, I just can’t fathom how it has been so highly rated. 962 more words


His Last Command

“Wow! … Hey, Mike…”

Black with little luminescent specks.

“Hey, Mike …,” he said again.

Black with little luminescent specks. He noted something new: his face reflected in the small window stared back at him. 2.033 more words

Dave Doc Rogers

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1 Disc 5

Continuuming with my Star Trek 50th year celebration by rewatching The Next Generation on Blu-Ray.  There are about five episodes, usually, on each disc so I try to keep my thoughts brief, but sometimes these posts may be quite long and occasionally have other media mixed in. 696 more words