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Movie Review: A quiet place

Movie: A quiet Place

Director: John Krasinski

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Release date:  April 6th 2018

Genre: Drama, horror, suspense

Rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: I endeavour to make this review spoiler free so as not to be a shit person. 833 more words


Ichlowandian Reproduction

All Ichlo are fundamentally intersex but incapable of self-fertilization. This intersexuality is an evolutionary trait developed in part because of their famously-low fecundity and facilitated by their ability to alter their genetic code at will. 142 more words

The Illyrian Codices

Blooded Stars

The people living on Earth’s terraformed colonies lead hard lives, especially on the planet TF3, where jobs are difficult to come by. Some become galactic couriers or Earth-bound students, yet many have no choice but to remain on the planet. 105 more words


Anticipated May Reads

May is a wonderful time for book releases both YA and not. Here is a list of the books that are being released in May that I am most looking forward to: 84 more words

That Maybe

A gargoyle gargles diamante marbles,
Its only questionable possessions,
Amassed in its angry gnarled mouth,
Eroding away the moss that grew, but then
Accidentally spit them… 120 more words


SSETC: Creation from disaster

“CARTUCHO, it’s working I’ve finally done it we will go back in time so we can…”


Hangry saw that the device started falling apart and exploding. 1.004 more words

Mr. Zap Chapter 4: Not Dead Yet!

By Alberto Pupo

So death did not come not yet at least. I am alive. However, I am feeling somewhat wet and utterly humiliated. There is just something terrifying in facing the end of your very existence that makes the bladder pop with excitement (and not the good kind). 1.496 more words