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So…I know you came here today, expecting something wonderfully written, to do with the terrifying Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi story. I’m sorry >.< I come to you today with one a beginning of one. 745 more words

The Last Humans

YEAR : December 24, 2023 – Last Recorded Document

The first 10 years of missing passengers from unrecovered aircraft, were thought to be related to mechanical, weather or pilot error. 1.199 more words

The Hunter Part 9: Capture of the Hunter

Short intro. It’s late, I’m tired. Today’s story was a push. Check out the previous post for info on this story series.

Heavy footsteps clanked on the steps leading up to the bridge. 670 more words


A Million Years

Silverback perched his forearm on his bent knee, his other knee cap against the large slab of rock beneath him. The forefingers of his hand were pressed against his lips as he gazed out at the sun, wondering when it would fall. 120 more words


Is the future already here?

Spending my teenage years revelling in classic SciFi such as Star Trek TNG, I believed that future was as much about technological advancement as it is about social development. 1.500 more words

Technology Review

Red Mars Needs to be in our High School Curricula

Long on the short list of favorites to throngs of fans of “hard” science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars series is one of those rare book series that transcends hypothetical and roots itself square in the realm of prophecy. 629 more words