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Lost Themes

A woman in the shadow of a man. A flower in the shade of a mountain. Lovers. Fathers. Themes for disappearing and a voice that breaks whenever he’s not around. 333 more words


Consent is Sexy

HIM: It seems you can’t turn around lately without hearing about the issue of consent. The Stanford Rape Case, in which an elite varsity athlete was discovered attempting to have sex with an unconscious woman behind a frat house, is only the most recent high-profile example. 2.319 more words


Treat Yo Self

I’m treating myself to some much needed shopping. I recently came into a nice (for me) 4-figures and was able to pay ALL my bills and still have a good couple thousand in the bank. 174 more words


Fixing Erectile Dysfunction With Herbal Remedies!

If YOU have been searching for some Herbal Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction then here’s great news for you…

It is sometimes referred to ED, impotence, “can’t get it up,” peronies disease, et cetera… but no matter what you call it, erectile dysfunction can be caused by various things including; psychological problems, smoking, prescription drugs, street drugs, arteriosclerosis, poor circulation, too much alcohol and so forth. 490 more words



I can’t believe this, our very own hoestory. Okay, when I wrote this https://olliealley.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/should-i-swallow-his-sperm/,  it was hilarious and very many people liked it. Well, one person liked it enough to decide to send in hers and I had a good time reading and laughing.  118 more words


After Work Hours

I have always been a different sort of girl. Started right from my birth. I was born premature; this led me in and out of the hospital and I’ve always been careful what I get myself into. 1.968 more words


Marriage Beyond The Vows: Overcoming Obstacles in our Marriages 8/27/16 Part 1 & 2 [Audio]

Today we are talking about overcoming obstacles in our  marriages here on Marriage Beyond The Vows.   Are you struggling with this or trying to avoid it?   60 more words