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Men's sex drive commercial...holy mackeroly!

I am 65 years old, and I can no longer even pick up the 65 year old women at the YMCA.  If Brad  Pitt is a 10, I am a 2, and I am a 2 on a Brad Pitt day. 501 more words


The Servant and the Master's Wife

Würde und Schweiß
und Gewalt,
so warst du,
als du gestern
über mich kamst,
nachdem ich die Magd
deines Weibes


A flower unfurls

The tender violence
That we inflict
My hand as an
The calm instructions
Given in a soft voice
Of authority
As your flesh
Glows from the blows… 59 more words


Sex and Truth

How many times have you had sex?How many times have you fucked?How many times have you made love?How many times have you done all three at once? 482 more words


Killing Me Softly: What my First Tinder Date Taught Me

**** TRIGGER WARNING: Self harm, rape, and casual sex are discussed.

Sunrise In a Darkened Hotel Room in Washington, D.C. 

I woke to the sound of his labored breathing. 2.312 more words

Carry On

Its funny, the words you type two months ago can kinda…fall from your present truth so quickly and easily.

I’m not saying all of it fell, but I think they just call that life. 183 more words

My Story