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The noises I (F) make during sex sometimes sound like some kind of Porno, but I can't help it. I don't want it to be off putting!

I'm a really vocal person, even when I masturbate, I would moan and cry out loudly when I orgasm.

When I'm being fucked by someone, that feels so much better and I'm out here grunting and **insert sex noise**. 92 more words


Dirty Talk: Wife wants me to talk to her about being with other women

I'm hoping to get some assistance in the dirty talk department- my wife has asked me to talk to her about being with other women while we have sex. 66 more words


One man's advice for women on what to do during missionary

I posted this in another thread but since this question comes up a lot I figured it fit here:

In short, lose yourself.

Don't think about it. 145 more words


Because Really, Size DOES Matter

This post is going to upset some men, probably the ones who have small dicks. But it needs to be said, and women need to understand that it’s ok to utter the truth: Size… 325 more words

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My boyfriend is pissing me off I just don’t know if it’s justified. He posted pictures of events we go to together but only pictures without me in them. 92 more words