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Texas trooper accused of propositioning driver for sex

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A Texas trooper has been arrested after being accused of stopping a driver for speeding and offering her $300 to have sex with him. 110 more words


SCIENCE: New Study Finds That Taller Men Have More Sexual Partners

A new study posted on Elite Daily has found that your height and weight directly affect the amount of sexual partners you have throughout your life. 115 more words


December Cheer

December is here and the internet is filled with aids awareness talk, Paris climate summit aftermath and of-course that cute baby that fell asleep while waiting to take a picture with Santa in a mall, so Santa pretended to sleep too and took pictures with the sleeping baby too – result = viral photos of super cute baby with sleeeping Santa. 93 more words


nocturnal #9

and there were stars, – brass pins
pierced into the greasy velvet of the night.

a monotonic highway lullaby
a midnight breeze that whispering behind… 26 more words


Inhabiting desire.

I thought I’d try on a question I wrote the other day and elucidate a bit on it, slowly and deliberately.  Here is the soft, woolen garment I’m wrapping around me, right now, embroidery needle in hand, ready to vivify the fabric:  … 364 more words


Why are we $19 TRILLION dollars in debt? Perhaps this is why...

Here’s how $11.1 million of your tax money is spent ($30,411 a day, every day of the year….or $1,267 an hour, every hour). The links below take you to the actual federal grant posting. 60 more words

Girls with high mileage

“All guys want a virgin. If you can get a girl that’s untouched, you marry her.” I was sitting in the break room, sipping a mediocre cup of tea, listening to Marcus explain the Holy Grail of the fairer sex. 678 more words