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Tell me this isnt real

Nausea vomiting I just got meds
Voices are so like a humming bird
Telling me I’m like her just like her,kill yourself, run now
Talk to me or I won’t leave… 25 more words

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Valentine’s Day Etiquette? The Matchmaking Duo Talks Out Of The Box Date Ideas


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with matchmaking duo, Tana Gilmore and Kelli Fisher, about Valentine’s Day etiquette, out of the box date ideas and more. 92 more words


Women Who Won't Drive the Dinghy

The number of women who either cannot or will not drive a dinghy in our times astonishes me, especially when you consider that 99.9 % of cruising boats have two crew members: a man and a woman.    46 more words


Reading Melville at Sea: On women and chapter six

Ishmael takes a stroll around New Bedford and admires the strangers from distant shores he sees there: “actual cannibals chatting at street corners; savages outright; many of whom carry on their bones unholy flesh.” I wonder if vegans look at those of us who rejoice as we sink our teeth into bloody, red flesh, find it amazing that we, too, walk around in public, unhindered?  436 more words



Whip out that box of tricks this weekend, go wild and get crazy with it. It’s quite ok to be a freak. Please, have no shame about it. 72 more words

Wichita massage parlor owner charged in sex trafficking case

WICHITA (KSNT) — U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said that the owner of a Wichita massage parlor was charged on Friday with harboring a Chinese woman working as a prostitute. 273 more words


Voulez vous coucher avec moi....

Ce soir? (Do you want to sleep with me tonight?) The hubbs and I often lay together and watch some tv at night, but I missed the closeness of just snuggling. 362 more words