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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 8 (Part 25)

His Lordship’s voice was caustic and uncompromising. It was their turn to be called on the carpet. The firm thud and clunk of the door being locked cut off the lecture in mid-song. 84 more words


All Shook Up

Insecure Season 2 is really pushing all my buttons, in all kinds of ways. This post is me unpacking what’s happened in the series, trying to make sense of how all the characters are behaving. 1.706 more words

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There's a sexy Jon Snow costume for anyone who lusts for his longclaw

It’s totally natural to have a raging lust for Jon Snow.

I mean, come on. That cape. That brooding look. That hair. We’re clearly meant  323 more words


Priorities and Liberation

I have decided to take a break from on line dating.

My girlfriends have all been asking me how Saturday night’s date went and when I tell them he had a handgun, they look horrified. 272 more words

Babysitter 'Esmeralda Marie Medelli' Arrested For Forcing 4 Year Old Boy To Have Sex With Her

Teenage girl working as a babysitter is accused of committing sordid sexual acts with the four-year-old boy she was left in care.

Esmeralda Marie Medelli, 18, was arrested after police allege DNA tests on both the babysitter and the boy confirmed allegations raised by the child’s mother. 152 more words



​নামঃ আবদুর রাজ্জাক!

উপাধিঃ নায়করাজ (উপাধি দিয়েছিলেন

চিত্রালী সম্পাদক আহমেদ জামান চৌধুরী)

জন্মঃ ২৩শে জানুয়ারি, ১৯৪২ ইং!

জন্মস্থানঃ নাকতলা, দক্ষিণ কলকাতা, ভারত!

জাতীয়তাঃ বাংলাদেশি!

বাবাঃ মৃত আকবর হোসেন!

G Spot VS Multiple Orgasms

After my last night of “Sex with the Sultan”, there was something that had me thinking. Even though the Sultan did his best effort to stimulate my G spot, the only result he received was one writhing and moaning woman who tried to push herself off the bed and away from his wicked fingers with great vigour. 587 more words