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SO keeps feeding me!

I have a somewhat odd problem. My so likes to cook and eat very meaty, fatty foods. He is quite fit and active, really buff, and has a much higher metabolism than me. 168 more words


Boyfriend's cancer came back. It's his first time doing chemo. His xanax addiction is out of control. What do I do?

My (27f) boyfriend (33m) (let's call him Bob) was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. He had surgery to remove one testicle. This year we found out that it's back and it has spread to four of his lymph nodes. 288 more words


Do any other women enjoy this as much as me?

Had a conversation among female friends and we all agreed this is one of our favorite things:

When a guy cleans you post sex. …or is that just us? 111 more words


Tips for watching porn with SO?

I guess I’ll skip the background story and just say that in a nutshell, I (32f) asked my boyfriend (41m) yesterday if he’d be down for watching porn together, and he seems into it. 27 more words


Herpes HATES l-lysine

So, it has been a little over year since I got HSV2. I am one of the lucky ones who has an outbreak every month, if not more. 277 more words

This is what love does to your brain

(Source: www.vox.com)

What happens to your brain on love? Is there such a thing as “casual sex”? What do we get wrong about male and female sexuality? 1.911 more words



No woman should ever be judged for her sexual indulgences. Sex is freedom, and orgasms cleanse us in a way that only orgasms can.