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What Would Impeachment Achieve?

By Linda Stockton 

Richmond, Ca. City Council, on February 24, passed a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump for violating the emoluments clause. The emoluments clause… 1.304 more words

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If You Didn't Ask It's Because You Didn't Want To Know

I’m pissed off Journal,

Well, not as much as I was a couple of hours ago. I posted a story on Snapchat yesterday (that was rather depressing) I hadn’t posted anything in over two months. 701 more words


Don't look away: a film recommendation for The White Helmets

In a world of quickly moving pictures, it’s easy to become lost in the fog of what is and what only appears to be. Are we responsible for discovering the lies we’ve been told? 851 more words


The meme craze and social media today

Memes, the (somewhat) latest internet craze that is sweeping Facebook (social media in general). If you don’t know what a meme is (but I think everyone probably does by this point) here is an example of one (below and above): 955 more words


Boston Dynamics’ new robot can jump 4 ft

Boston Dynamics’ new robot can jump 4 ft, lift 100 lbs, and skate on 2 wheels http://ow.ly/OKtk509QV3G

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The Literary Drover No. 481

I stopped posting to Facebook when documented proof was provided that Mark Zuckerberg was willing to sacrifice Free Speech for access to the Communist Chinese market. 184 more words

The Literary Drover