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Americans want tech companies to fix the

Americans want tech companies to fix the internet, not the government – After first rocketing on to the scene as a “thing” in 2016, it didn’t take “fake news” long to worm its way into the American lexicon. 53 more words

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Social Media Thoughts & Questions

It might be pretty obvious judging by the fact that this is only my second blog post out of the five needed for the end of the semester, but i’m just a liiiitle bit behind. 1.094 more words

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Too many Phones...

So there’s been a bit of change around the house, the biggest part is that my husband has picked up some part time work that gets him out of the house for a while each night, so the blog/social media/internet schedule has suffered a bit as we adjust to the change. 498 more words


Perhaps my idea of social media breaks are delusional. I feel unwillingly restrained to the social pressures of my peers. Friends, family, acquaintances, my employer, potential romances, – all jeopardized by the insatiable addiction of scrolling and content absorption. 50 more words


Continually Testing My Content Strategy Abilities: Collaborative Project With Creative Plains Foundation

As summer quickly approaches and the torments of a harsh winter slips into the backs of North Dakotans minds, I realize that my journey with social media has shifted drastically. 775 more words

English 457: Social Media For Social Good

Things That Inspire Me: Social Media Edition

Hello there,

How are you?

I was just here not too long ago.

If you were to scroll and read through all of my posts on this blog so far (it would be an easy thing to do, because I don’t have enough posts to make said scenario improbable or cumbersome), you would notice that I have spent a significant portion of my writing on the downsides of social media. 216 more words


The Social Media Dilemma and Courage to "Unplug"

By Joe LaGuardia

The first thing my son does in the morning is open his laptop and watch his favorite YouTube channel.  My daughter checks her social media pages.  746 more words