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Pensieri stupidi come una donna

Quanti volti ha la felicità? e quanti motori ha?
Al tempo dei social radicati nella quotidianità, può capitare che la parola di sconosciuti riempia vuoti abissali, quelle mancanze che non sai nemmeno tu da dove arrivano, eppure ci sono. 242 more words

Boost Your Business With These Social Media Marketing Tips

Producing a solid credibility on a range of social networks websites will certainly boost your opportunities of success. Utilizing social networks makes it convenient your clients and also keep excellent partnerships with them. 17 more words


Fallin' Head-Over-Cleats: The Mis-Education of the Christain Faith | T. A. Merkerson

by: Terrence A. Merkerson

Before we jump into this and I offend anymore, I want to be crystal-clear about what my intention is here.
• This is not an attack on God or the Christian faith. 1.108 more words


I finally got around to it! Pepper’s Owl now has both a Facebook Page and a Twitter account in addition to my Pinterest page and… 24 more words


6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies you Should Be Doing

Some people are still skeptical about social media recruiting, though I can’t figure out why. The success stories on both companies and individuals finding their dream match through a social media recruitment campaign keep rolling in. 684 more words

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UPDATE: Social Media Pages- Created!

Hello, and welcome, again.

Cyber Eatery has created multiple forms of social networking and general contact information. Instagram and Twitter are in forms of badges posted on the sidebar location. 73 more words

Blessed is the one who’s able to sleep soundly at night because he no longer carries envy, hatred, malice and jealousy in his heart.

Mufti Menk