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Guidelines for using Instagram for Business.

Instagram is a critically important social network. The photo-sharing site is not only important for retailers, restaurants, etc. As one of the most effective brand-building tools available today, Instagram is increasingly important for every kind of business. 544 more words


Kanye West Is A Human Being

Long life to The Outline, Joshua Topolsky’s new venture :

The pattern is by now familiar: a famous person makes a comment that inspires controversy and, in turn, sets off a public discussion about a number of serious issues. 62 more words


Technology issue;Wendy's is replacing its lowest-paid workers with robots.

Muhammad afrooz/DENVER,CO- Technology, something that is important in today’s world one of the biggest business. Wendy’s took it into whole new level, according the BI ( 194 more words


Family Dynamics

I have come to the realisation that not only am I not going to be able to get along with everyone I meet some of these people I will not get along with will be my family. 317 more words


True Ramsey and Maria(Daddy Rant....)

Just checking out the news and saw this. The State of New wants 25 million to guard his New York properties while he is President. Talk about frivolous spending.

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