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Poem by Felix Abayomi Odukudu


Faraway, so far away from where I called home
I have nowhere to lay my head but a dome

I remember the cave, not far from the shrine… 432 more words


It's Time to Rewire

What The Tech has made it clear that there is a major issue of addiction to technology. It’s no secret that this is inhibiting our ability to think creatively, controlling the way we interact socially, and decreasing our decision to function independently. 34 more words


Youtube Series: BIG Youtube couple break up?!

All things Youtube here, creating a new series where today I write a post. Okay so the dust has settled and hysteria has simmered down. You ready? 279 more words



Animals have fear of the attack to their lives and their response is natural ,if they are fit enough they survive or get eaten away; there is no funeral or no murder case no fight for the “animal right” 169 more words