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Twitter says Russians spent ~$1k on six Brexit-related ads

Twitter has disclosed that Russian-backed accounts spent $1,031.99 to buy six Brexit-related ads on its platform during last year’s European Union referendum vote.

The ads in question were purchased during the regulated period for political campaigning in the June 2016 EU Referendum — specifically from 15 April to 23 June 2016. 575 more words


These 2017 Design Trends Need To Die

3/10 Divorcing Messaging Apps from Their Social Platforms

Tech companies are developing more spin-off messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct) even though the apps already have messaging capabilities. 46 more words


To Snow? Or not to snow?

Are your parents abandoning you for winter break? Are you watching your friends leave town while you are stuck at home?  Though it may seem unfortunate to watch others relaxing in various tropical locations, there is always a way to enjoy a staycation! 255 more words

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Horoscope - What do the stars say? ​

Written by: Justice Crawford

Aries- You may be tempted to blurt out just anything and assume it’ll pass for truth, but restrain yourself, Ram. Take the burden of proof seriously and make sure you have all the facts to back up your assertions. 1.114 more words

Student Life

the inheritance

we are born fortunately human

we inherit blood and the genes

if at all the wisdom is inherited

goodness will be in the routines

as we can’t live merely on heritance  45 more words

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Looking for a Host for the EMSC Christmas Party!

Are you the “hostess with the mostest”?  The “dude who sets the mood?”  If so, are you willing to host the EMSC Christmas Party at your place? 36 more words



It’s festival time of the year all around. I was at my home town few weeks back. All of a sudden an official trip planned for us on a overseas visit. 18 more words