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Captain America Feature Test

hey theres a featured tag theme thing. lets see if it do what it do.


Bed Beds Everywhere

This morning was a stiff one for me.  But I slept well and decent.  I was roused by the repeated squeals of a young girl who was upset by the living or non living but living looking forms of vegetation in her swimming space.  263 more words


Is Your Website Liberal Enough? (LINK)

Will your Fakebook (I mean Facebook) page stand the test??? Moreover, will Google also play a roll in whether or not your site will come up on searches if your site/name or Facebook, does not “fit the bill?” I’d check it often. 25 more words

Moral Reads

Would You Stop? (LINK)

“When a horrific car crash occurs, are most people willing to help? Or do they turn a blind eye? German police set out to find the answer, staging a fake road accident to test how many people were willing to be good Samaritans………… Once the stage was set, seven hidden cameras recorded events as police hid up the road and pulled over cars that didn’t stop to help. 81 more words

Moral Reads

Whisper: Spring & Summer Edition Volume 2


Here’s part 2 of the summery edition of the Whisper Show. Two parts still to come!


  1. Jose Feliciano – Light My Fire
  2. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (acoustic)
  3. 95 more words