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How to Get Your Belongings Transported to Other Place Affordably

Did you know you can take your belongings to place A to Place B affordably without any inconvenience? Lots of people are probably unaware of the available freight loads services that can transport loads – regardless of weight and size – to any place with the utmost safety. 380 more words


Caracoles by LeonardoLenz

Caracoles in Chile

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Mobility City. Research and trials.

This year RSA Student Design Awards announced “Mobility City” project requiring “Design or re-design a mode of public transport to improve the experience of people with disabilities that will, in turn, improve the experience for all.” I have studied the brief and made my research looking how the various disabilities have been reflected in the transport politic, what improvements have been made during the years and how all these helped for disabled people. 1.345 more words